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About this blog

A space for the thoughts in Pink's head to be written down! Primarily regarding Disney, Frozen 2 and Disney's Frozen 2.

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A magical birthday in Disneyland Paris

Aloha! Today I want to talk about the most magical birthday I have ever had: and that was in Disneyland Paris!  I was so fortunate for my birthday a few years ago, to spend it in Disneyland Paris. I took a four day trip with a friend to and stayed on site at the Santa Fae hotel! It was all cars themed and just like the most kachow. I love Disneyland Paris a lot, even though it's very small, it's adorable. It's widely known and visited by a lot of countries, so sometimes language barriers ca


pinkiness in Disneyland Paris


Aloha and Welcome to my blog! I had started this a while ago, but I ran out of hours in the day to keep it consistently updated. For now, I just needed a space to write about Disney and other things in my life (but mostly Disney). I also have a lot of photos from my trips so this would be a cute place to share them. Stay tuned! -Pink 🌺



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