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About this blog

Hey All! I have finally made a blog where I will be reviewing all things Disney old and new! This will mostly be the new films which we will see come out this year and also Disney mugs! So please follow and come on this journey with me!

Entries in this blog

Mulan - An Under-appreciated Icon.

Hey All, For those who may have known me for a while on this server, you may know this information already... Mulan is my favorite Disney film and I believe she is truly underappreciated! Mulan deals with many themes which are relevant in the society that we live in today and is also one of the most action-packed Disney films out there. I think she deserves more recognition due to these facts and that's what I am going to be writing about today. Mulan is based on an ancient Chinese leg



Welcome to my Blog!!

Hey! For anyone who doesn't know me around the server, I am Ross and I love Disney!  I have made this blog so I can create a collection of blog posts reviewing some of my favorite Disney Films and also review the new films coming out over the next few months. I also will be reviewing some Disney mugs as they are my current obsession aha. Some of my friends will tell you I am obsessed and they are completely correct!  I hope you follow me on this blog journey and I can't wait to express



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