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7/10/20 - Welcome to Brim Co. & Project Updates



Welcome to Brim Co! This is our very first of our weekly updates for ongoing projects at Brim Co. Without furthur a do, let's get into what we have accomplished this week!


[Creative] Disney's Stars On Parade:

This week we have completed the castle that will be one of the main things to look at in this build. The next step this week is to complete our Mainstreet that will house our parade, then we can really get started on the parade itself! This castle of course is the one from Disneyland Paris as our parade is also from there. The castle now has a lake and full interior too!


                Our Disneyland Paris Castle


                The Interior of our castle

[Survival] Asiatown Complex:

This week we finished most of the main roads of the district as well as made our fish market in Little Tokyo and first residential building in Little Manila. Much of the planning of what to build in the district has been completed. Next week, we will start large scale construction on the place starting will Little Manila and the Jollybee! Next week will also be a time that we will be getting a lot of resources for the build.


                Asiatown Roads near Little Manila and Little Rizal Monument


[Creative] Fantasmic!:

We added some new fire effects during the show, hopefully you love them as much as we do! Our next showing is tonight @ 9 PM EST, hope to see you there! /plotwarp Fantasmic_


                Snuff Out The Light Scene - Yzma (BrianMaz9) sings about how she wants to get revenge on the sun


That is all for this week. Be sure to follow the blog and if you want to help with the builds just message Iuventius to apply!


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