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A Ranking of the Songs Played On Palace



A Ranking Of All The Songs Played at Palace Events

(At Least the Ones We Could Remember)

  1. Aewo Needs to Calm Down He is Being Too Loud and Life is a Highway

  2. Evacuate the Dance Floor

  3. Cha Cha Slide (Remix)

  4. Rain on Me

  5. Sofia the First

  6. Magic Happens

  7. LA Devotee

  8. High Hopes

  9. We Are the Champions

  10. You Gotta Friend in Me

  11. 5, 6, 7, 8

  12. Calling All The Monsters

  13. Rockefeller Street

  14. Frozen 2 Soundtrack

  15. You’ll Be In My Heart

  16. Fantasmic Preshow

  17. Dancing Queen

  18. Sweet But Psycho

  19. Bohemian Rhapsody

  20. Go the Distance

  21. Moana Soundtrack

  22. Country Roads

  23. Runaway

  24. Hawaiian Roller Coaster

  25. Go the Distance (Rock Version)

  26. HEA Soundtrack

  27. Cotton Eyed Joe

  28. Hawaiian Roller Coaster (Rock Version)

  29. DREAM

  30. Sandstorm

  31. Sweet Caroline

  32. Let It Go

  33. Prince Ali

  34. Sweatshirt

  35. On My Way

  36. Baby Shark

  37. Mine Diamonds


Disagree with our list or think a song was forgotten?

Comment below what you would change!!

Thank you to everyone on the server who contributed!!

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even though this is like a old blog, i could say some things about some of the top songs lol.


ngl some of the songs in fantasmic pre-show are a pretty good bop, should be listed more above in the list.

life is an highway is a meh song but it shouldn't be placed on the top top of the list.

i do agree with aewo needs to calm down being number one.

i also do agree with all the monsters being very on top of the list, that song is a b o p

baby shark should be placed at 37 instead of mine diamonds at 37 since mine diamonds at least is f u n n y

the cha cha slide "remix" song is a good choice to be at the top of the list, it is a good bop and does have some guest interaction for some reason

 5, 6, 7, 8 could be placed more down the list since like it is a song that could be considered a "overplayed" song with other songs

high hopes could be placed more down the list since like, it scares you at the beginning if you have your audio server or your volume at 100 and also there is a cut near the end for some weird reason


those are my opinions on some of the things in this list, I do agree with some of them runaway and country roads being down the list but i think runaway is better than country roads since country roads spams chat and I MEAN IT SPAMS CHAT LOL. hope you enjoyed my opinion on this list, good idea but yeah i love where some songs are placed!

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