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7/19/20 - Reimagined New Orleans & Possible Cancellation of Asiatown



Hello, happy Saturday! This week has been a pretty slow week, but we made some great progress this week. It was mostly just planning for the future this week, but we will reveal all future plans here! We have news spanning from the possible cancellation of Asiatown Complex on Survival to the large scale change for Fantasmic and its viewing


(Survival) Asiatown Complex - I'm happy to say that a good portion of Little Manila has been completed. It was mainly the waterfront section including the beach built. I only have one week of my shareholder left, so after a discussion we have ultimately put the project on-hold as there are only few people who are working on the currently. It was a hard decision for the large plans that I had in store for the build. If there is no further interest, we will have the project cancelled unfortunately.


Little Manila Beach - A Cebu-styled beach with Vigan-styled shops and homes behind it made by @Iuventius


(Creative) Disney's Stars On Parade - We have created outlines for future mainstreet and begun construction on the roundabout. The side-stage should be completed within the next week so that we can start one of our planned shows, Max Live


(Creative) Fantasmic! - This is the largest thing that we are going to be working on. There are so many things that are going to be changed before the next monthly showing. We are going to start having sponsorships for Fantasmic, pre-shows, and a transformation of New Orleans! We will open up sponsorships so that people can advertise their parks, shows, or builds before the show. To keep every showing unique, every monthly show will have some pre-show right before to keep guests entertained especially if there are some technical issues. It can also serve as community advertisements as some pre-shows can be previews to outside showings. We also plan to create a trailer that can be played on the Watch2gether before the show. 

As you already know, New Orleans is our show viewing area which houses a few restaurants and scattered shops. Before our next showing in August, we plan to rejuvenate the area with fun decor, little unknown spots, more themed shops and restaurants, a usable comedy club, and automatic lighting that turns off before our show starts. We really want to capture the fun and excitement of New Orleans. If you are interested in starting up a shop, restaurant, or anything, just be sure to message us in-game or on Discord!


The Open Mike - A ready-to-be-used comedy club in the heart of New Orleans built by @BrebLoaf


A portion of Lizzie's Corner - A beautiful fascade of buildings built by LizzieRa19 that features the song I Put A Spell On You in noteblocks made by @Iuventius


AW Pizza - "Best Pizza in Minecraft"; made by @davidzoo


Be sure to follow the blog to stay up to date with our updates as we have so much planned for the future!

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