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How to Take Part on Social Media + YouTube!



Hello friends! As one of the Media Team Leads here at the Palace Network, I tend to receive lots of questions on how they, the guests, can be involved with any of our socials and the content of our YouTube channel! I’ll like to address how you can accomplish this if you’re ever interested!

Social Media

Sharing your experiences at the Palace Network is what we thrive for at the Media Team! The easiest way for you all to help out our network on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is to share your lovely moments of Palace by using #PalacePix!

By using #PalacePix, you instantly ping us at the staff team your memorable post! Most of the time we tend to retweet those posts to our social media pages, promoting the content shown. Suggesting others to join the Palace Network is another great way to let people know about our awesome community, potentially joining the magic like you did! On our own posts, using #’s is a great source to reach out to any community we’re trying to promote towards! For example, when featuring attractions, plus experiences, we connect the destination of the attraction to the media post so when people are looking through Magic Kingdom content, they’ll see our post about Space Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! You, the guests, can connect to many other communities like we do to spread the word about our network! We’re excited to see you help out the Palace Network on social media, thank you!                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                             Credit to @whitbit0219 on Twitter:image.png.c4dd33a5418b813b9fd564a3fc18c3d7.png


Creating your own content about our server is the main source of helping Palace grow like never before! Linking our important details like our IP Address: play.palace.network, and the name of our server in the video title are great key techniques for new guests to be able to guide their own way to the network! Sharing your own experiences such as character meet & greets, shows, attractions, and events help viewers get an idea of how our network functions, and how it’s loved by many! If you’re interested in being apart of our own content on the Palace Network YouTube Channel, there’s ways to do so! Shows like the Palace Forecast, and The Anytime Show reach out to guests for guest interviews, skits, and more! Keep connected on our Discord server (/discord for more information) for we tend to asks you guys for video interaction there! Our YouTube reputation is very important to us, so taking your part by sharing your own magical experiences and helping with Palace’s videos are very appreciated!

This blog post should have addressed the many questions about helping out Social Media and our YouTube! We can’t wait to see you take part if you wish! Keep having a magical day, and have fun on the Palace Network!



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I Have YouTube, only problem is i have no idea how to get a video ready with websites i've had. I recently went around older videos seeing is anyone realized if there is an IP Change

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