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What makes a quality theme park on creative!



Hello I'm Puggo. Though I have not owned a succesful themepark here on creative, I recently have been looking at the more popular parks and seeing what makes them famous. Today I will be sharing what I have learned.

There are three categories.

Building This one is probably the most obvious. Building is a very big part of making maps on minecraft. I guess its the biggest part of it. You cant have a map without having builds. One common attribute with all popular parks on creative is the amazing builds. You have probably heard of parks with great builds. While a park that only has one of these other categories you have probably never heard of. 

Redstone This one is also pretty simple but you may have not thought of it. All popular parks on palace have pretty impressive redstone. S7A and Tomorrowverse are the first too come to mind with their high tech versions of rise of the resistance and Alien Encounter. Builds might bring players to these parks but redstone is what brings them back.

OriginalitThis one is a bit confusing compared to the other categories. This category can mean a lot of things but having originality in your park doesn't automatifcaly mean a popular park. First off, Originality doesnt just mean having completely new ideas for rides. The best rides and shows on Palace are related to something at Disney. Originality can mean you have a new idea for something, like having a new version of alien encounter with an original story, or having each scene of Smugglers Run be a different floor! Originality can also mean having a land themed to a specific property that is popular but has never been made into themepark. You might say that Tomorrowverse is all pre existing rides, making it not original. But that is wrong. They have an audio system that works for most rides that has never been used any where else on creative. Just having new ideas on how to do things is original.

Those are the three things that i think makes a park popular. I may have missed a few things but those are the biggest ones!


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