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"Lullaby for a Princess" parody



I didn't want to make you dig back into my old status updates to find this song sooo: Here it is copy and pasted right here. Q&A coming soon, just figuring out some good questions.

- This is a parody of the song "Lullaby for a Princess" by ponyphonic, please go listen to it if you haven't! It also includes a short description of events happening in my fan fiction, which, unless you're somehow watching me, you wouldn't be aware of. -

Claire felt the rebellion near, but she wasn't aware of how hard it would be for her to say good-bye to the first person she had met on earth. If Claire knew, she would of done more to help. But instead, she blamed herself for the exile of her best friend-Evergray. He felt unwanted among the rest, an extra, if you would. So, he rose in rebellion. Claire knew what was best for her people, for the Keepers Of Aideen. She knew she had to exile him. So she did. Claire shattered her own heart with the actions to save the rest of her friends, but she knew 1,000 winters was more than a lifetime. It resulted in her going missing, going to Pandoria. Claire planned never to return, as she took her only family, her palomino Fjord, Sunny, with her to the harsh land. She would return, and promised never to speak Evergray's name until she found him again.



Fate has been cruel, and life unkind

How could I have sent of him away?

The blame was my own, the punishment his

The harmony was silenced that day

But into that stillness, I'll bring you this song

And I will hope, your company keeps

To your tired eyes, and my songs of harmony

Have carried you softly to sleep...

First Verse:

One girl stood opon illusion like the sun

Look out on her village and sigh-

She smiled and said:

"Surly there is nobody so brave and so valiant as I"

So great was her teaching, so brilliant her bravery

That long was the shadow she cast

Which fell dark opon the friend she loved, and grew only darker as days and nights passed.


Evergray, Snowfall Frost,

Goodnight friend of mine

Rest now in winters embrace

Carry my song, winds of this island

Through clouds, and through skies, and through space

Carry the peace and the coolness of winter

And carry my sorrow, in kind

Evergray, you're loved so much more than you know

Forgive me for being so blind

Second Verse:

Soon did that girl take notice

That others did not give her friend his due

And neither had she loved him as he deservered

She watched her friends unhappiness grew

But such is the way of the darkness, it sweetly

Take hold of the mind of its prey

And that foolish girl did nothing to stop

The destruction of him who needed her most


Evergray, Snowfall Forst,

Goodnight friend of mine

Rest now, in winter's embrace

Bare of my songs, winds of this island

Through clouds, and through skies, and through space

Carry the peace and the coolness of winter

And carry my heartache, in kind

Evergray, you're loved so much more than you know

May troubles be far from your mind

And forgive me for being so blind...


For years now, before us

Fearful and unknown

I'd never, imagine, I'd face them by myself

May these thousand winters, swiftly pass, I pray-

I love you...

I miss you...

All these long miles away


May all your dreams be, sweet tonight

Safe opon your bed of, winter light

And no, not of sadness,

heartache, or pain

And when I dream of going back, I need you there.




Pick up litter, save a life.




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