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Today was the first Build Off of 2019, and I think it's safe to say that there was a good amount of us that were excited.

I volunteered to be a team captain, which was a role I have previously taken in Builds Offs before during my first run as staff. Ulyk volunteered to be my co-captain and we were assigned to run the helm of the purple team. Not going to lie, I always try to snatch the purple color as much as possible. It's one of my favorite colors!
Our team was made up of DanteThePhantom, cjh66, coolcommando38, Breyton_Fennekin and colefb9. I was pretty excited to work with them and I hoped they had a fun time working with Ulyk and I!
The theme was Pixar so we can agreed to do a Coco theme. I'll admit that I have never seen Coco before, but I let my team choose what Pixar movie they wanted to do based off of majority vote and I'd just help out as best as I could. Since we had pro-builder Ulyk on our team, he was pretty much in control in telling us what we should build and encouraged us to make our own special little touches along the way!
As I mentioned, we did the Coco theme, so we did the petal bridge (I'm assuming it's a petal bridge - like I said, I have never seen Coco before!) that led up to the village. We made our outlines to the cliff and tried our best to fill it in as much as possible.
We got a good handle on everything...Until the World Edit Blitz happened!
The World Edit Blitz is a 5 minute event within Build Off that allows the moderators on the teams to use world edit to fill in terrains or walls. I had failed to mention before that we used diamond blocks for our outline, didn't I? Anyways, we had planned on using world edit to cover the top parts of the cliff, but time kind of slipped out of hands and we weren't entirely prepared for the blitz...Which meant that it caused a pretty significant hiccup to our build.

Regardless of that hiccup, we worked as much as we could to give as much attention to detail and try to get rid of as much diamond as possible (with Brant hopping on our roofs at one point!) We figured it would be a long stretch to win Build Off, but I told my team that win or lose, all that matters is that we worked together, tried our best and had fun with it! At the end of the day, that's all that matters, right?
Sock finally announced time was up, and we went back into the purple team room, we were ready to see what feedback we'd get with all that diamond still there...
...Until Sock and the judges granted mercy on us. All the teams were given a last minute one-command world edit chance. Ulyk managed to get rid of all that diamond and we knew we had a better chance of winning now!
After we presented our build to the judges (Sock, Helopoh, Erinn), we waited for the decision to be made. Purple team had a bit of fun by filling up the room with cake like maniacs...

Taken by coolcommando38


Taken by cjh66

To my surprise, purple team actually won! I guess all that cake was a foreshadow of our victory, huh?
Though, I want to give a special thanks to Ulyk and those on our team; working with them was a breeze and we displayed teamwork like a well-oiled machine. I had fun working with them and I'm happy that we won! I hope that I get to work with them again in future Build Offs!

Taken by Sock_Sowachowski - Edited by BunnyMari

If you guys are interested in checking out the Build Off results, they will be at /warp buildoff on the Creative server for a limited time!




I'd like to thank you guys for reading my first blog post! If you guys would like to ask me any questions about myself you are more than welcome to ask down in the comments and I might end up creating a Q+A post in the future! I look forward to making more posts about my adventures on Palace and I would like to thank Ulyk and the purple team for being an awesome bunch!
I'll see you guys around on the server! ~ Love, Mari


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It sure was a great battle today! Congrats to your whole team. Really liked the theming of the plot. Can't wait for the next one! :ag:

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So glad to be on Purple Team!

My first ever build-off which happens to be my previous build-off, I was on Purple Team. And we won. I believe the theme was "Haunted Ride" o-o

I guess Purple is my lucky color? o-o

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