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Q&A (finally)



I guess this should be a FAQ but whatever its a Q&A thingy so-its time to brace yourself for someone who doesn't speak English and relys on auto correct to destroy this thing-its Claire shes not even from Earth don't judge her. :'D

Q: Will you do a parody of so and so? A: It depmends on what Mac wants. I can't really speak her language, but I understand her.

Q: Is there a storyline these parodies follow? A: Not really, unless Mac says. She says I'm ostly in them but I'm not sur.

Q: Am I allowed to take inspiration from these parodies? A: Of course! Mac wouldn't ake them to never share.

Q: Could you make a parody for me? A: Sadly, no. Mac has her own ideas she wants to do, which I'm not sure what thet is.

Q (final one): Will you post your art on here of your OCS? A: I have no idea what an O-C is, so I don't know, but yes, Mac plans to make art that matches the parodies sometimes.

So yeah-Claire's not gonna be doing a lot on here because she needs to get back to her alternate universe and quickly for that matter. I hope you have some answers now!

Pick up litter, save a life.




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