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"Life Outside" parody



This one doesn't really have a plot because-why not, I just like the song and want to make a parody-highly recommend you go listen to it, it's a MLP:FiM anthem song, sure, but its still nice. I made it an sso anthem because why not ;3




Catherine: I think there's a land that's real

There's truly love to spare

No, haven't gone before,

but I know

its out there somewhere

Out there somewhere...

(Instrumental break)

Fripp: Wondrous fields, snow-filled winds

A true few who keep the world in place

Evergray: Theres one to make chaos to keep balance

Avalon: And one to keep it from coming apart

Elizabeth: Same things happen day by day, but that's just what we do



Catherine: Our lives, beyond this void

I wish I could say, I've been there

But even if I could, I can't tell you

What you'll do

But I'm sure, its out there

What we look for, is the light of life


Verse 2:

Anne: There's one who keeps the sun in place

Linda: And one to give light to the black abyss of night

Lisa: This one keeps stars to heal the moon

Alex: And this one protects her friends

Lily: The powerful one still looks, but

She guesses her destiny


(Repeat Chorus)

Sabine and Jessica:

Just look around,

You will find,

You have a place,

To keep it in balance,

Cherish who you are

(Instrumental break)



There's one, you see, who believes

She believes she can change their view

She doesn't know what she has

Doesn't know that other world, but she knows its out there somewhere

Out there somewhere...

- The end -

Pick up litter, save a life.




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