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Build Off 3/3/19



Hi! My name is cjh66, and this is my first blog post o-o

Yesterday, we had a very amazing Build Off!

Here is my view during most of it o-o

At around 2:21PM EST, My internet decided to flake out. I wasn't happy :|

The "HQ" for Build-Off was kinda erm... crazy and uh... I kinda hid in a corner half the time xD 

People were shooting fireworks and throwing eggs, Sock even threatened a Thanos Snap!

When we fell into the fire pit, we got sorted into teams. I went to Team Purple with:

@DanteThePhantom, @colefb9, @Coolcommando38, @Breyton_Fennekin, and our captains, @BunnyMari and @Ulyk!

I was in charge of the memorial/graveyard.

For a more detailed look, take a look at:

This was made by @BunnyMari

Meep bye o/

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