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Defining You!!



And now, let’s shift to today’s daily motivation. Today’s theme is “Defining You”. Defining yourself is a highly personal process, and no method of defining yourself is “wrong.” You must decide what method of self-description works best for you. Know yourself. Self-knowledge, particularly non-judgemental self knowledge, is an incredibly important skill to help you define yourself. You'll need to understand what makes you tick and what your thought processes are before you can define who you are as a person. We spend so much of our lives living by what is defined as normal, and pass judgment on ourselves and others based on this—whether we try to be normal, determine that we are better than normal, or condemn ourselves as worse than normal. In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as normal. You are all unique and wonderful when you are you! It is the most confident you that we love and are happy to see on here every day. So today, find ways to show off the most confident version of you. Even if you are struggling to figure out what that version of you is, take time today to think about it. We are here to support and care for you no matter how you define yourself and we will support you even if you change that definition! Be free in yourself and love yourself because you are amazing!!


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