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Seeing Through The Storm



And now, it is time for your daily motivation. Just a few words for your day today. Whether you’re careful or careless, rigidly disciplined or loosely organized, here’s something you can expect. Every now and then, storms will come your way. Sometimes you’ll see them coming a long way off. Other times they’ll pop up out of nowhere. They will blow, they will disrupt, they may leave some damage behind. And then they will go. The storms won’t care whether you’re prepared or not. They will not accommodate any prior plans you may have had. Yet life’s storms will compel you to grow stronger, more capable and resilient. You’ll gain experience, wisdom, confidence, and respect. Occasionally the storms will come, so do what you must do to get through them. And deepen your appreciation for the clear, beautiful days that arrive after the storms have passed. And remember, no matter how bad your storm is, we are all here to help you with it, judgement free. Remember always how fortunate you are to have amazing friends and let us all appreciate one another every day. 


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