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Things Will Get Better



And now, let’s move onto today’s daily motivation. Today’s theme is “Things Will Get Better”. Even if soon takes a long time, things always get better. We as humans are always struggling, whether it’s something going on in the world, a sickness, issues with friends or relationships, whatever it is, we all struggle. It is important, however, in these times of struggle to remember that it will allege better. As kids or young adults, it’s difficult to see the light in such issues, but trust me, when you find it, you won’t feel that pain anymore. In a few years, that friend you lost, that bad grade, even that scrape you got will be a distant memory. Today, think of how you can keep your chin up and help out your friends. It isn’t ever easy to get up from the bottom, but once you hit your bottom, there’s only one way to go - Up! And remember, we are always here for you no matter what!


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