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The Power of Friendship



Now, because this is a very Harry Potter themed day, our daily motivation is one of the many lessons we have learned from this incredible universe: The Power of Friendship. An unlikely trio to begin with, Harry, Ron and Hermione proved time and time again that real friendship forges an unbreakable bond. Together they managed to face Dementors and Death Eaters, Dolores Umbridge and Horcruxes. Not to mention the truly horrifying pitfalls of teenage life: relationship problems, jealousy and school exams. With true friends it doesn’t matter if you argue over a possibly-jinxed new broomstick or accidentally swallow a love potion because at the end of the day, they’ll always have your back. Sure, a friend will help you out of a predicament (like Lupin did when Snape caught Harry with the Marauder’s Map), but a true best friend will be right there in the thick of it. Any time Harry found himself in a troubling situation, Ron and Hermione faced it with him. I mean, think about it. Can you imagine facing a whomping willow, three-headed dog, and life-size lethal chess set without your best friends? My guess is no. We all can learn a thing or two from this infamous trio, and we can use them as an example with our own friends. How can you help out a friend today? This could be by opening up to them or by offering advice. No matter what, friends are important and can help you out even in the trickiest of situations (aka those spiders - ick). Now go out and have a magical day :). 


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