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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work



Now, today’s daily motivation is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!” (Cue a bunch of you responding with TWMTDW). This is a phrase that you all constantly seen thrown around in here and it’s for a great reason. We are all a big community who love to support and help one another. No job is simply the task of one person, as we all work hard to make everyone’s day the most magical day ever! No, this is not just a staff thing, all of you players do this too, as I constantly see you hyping each other in the discord (your art is amazing!) and answering questions in the server chat. This is truly a wonderful community because you all make it such an amazing place to be!! So remember, TWMTDW always, and try to think of how you can help out someone today, whether it's on the server, in the discord, even on the forums. We all could use a little bit of sugar to help today’s medicine go down. :)


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