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And now, yes, let us get to that foolish daily motivation you mortals so dearly hold onto. Today’s motivation is about honesty. It is always important to be honest with ourselves. The world is a scary place and it will get scarier as you get older, but we all will be here. We are your escape from the outside world and we are always here to support you and lift you up. How do I know that? You all did it to me when I was at my lowest and look at how happy I am now. So, how can you be honest today? Listen to your heart and soul. What are you passionate about? What is something about you that makes you the most honest, confident version of yourself? If you face a problem today, what is the clearest, honest solution to it? And, you all knew this was coming, be honest with yourselves about how you are behaving. You all know that being negative and bringing yourself down won’t help yourselves nor others who are equally as stressed. Instead, realize that it is okay to be vulnerable and challenge your ideas. Be honest and show the world your true self. You are still a wonderful person for sharing a part of yourself with the world. And remember, honesty is key. Now, I hope you all have a horrible day. Love always.


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