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The Power of Imagination



And now, let’s get to today’s daily motivation. Today’s theme is 




Oh, hi there Figment! Thank you for my introduction to today’s theme on


I M A G I N A T I O N 


Haha, ok Figment, I think they get it now. See you later during the group rides! So, yes, today’s theme is all about imagination! As Walt Disney himself said, “laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” I recently had a conversation online here where someone said they were struggling with their imagination. Instead of being able to dream up new ideas or future possibilities, they were stuck with a black and white world. And this is ok. Our imaginations are often a reflection of our emotions and our mental state. Just like writers block, it’s easy to get stuck in an imagination rut. Maybe its the time of day or maybe you just aren’t in the best mood for it. That doesn’t mean your imagination should perish. Yes, we live in a world where imagination is labeled as “childish” - something we should give up in our childhoods. However, our imagination is something we should never give up. If we don’t know how to imagine, how do we know what to focus our dreams on? When you imagine things, it’s actually the world showing you a preview of a coming attraction set out for you. The things that have been in your imagination… you have to start working on them. These are the gifts that the world has given to you. Practically everything we use or purchase started out as an idea in someone’s imagination. Your cell phone, your car, etc. The things in your imagination aren’t there by chance. You have to act on them now. Imagination has the power to imagine imaginations at any length. You don’t need to pay a single penny to imagine anything in the world. One could imagine freely in any situation of life or at any place of the world. One could imagine in drowsy state as well. These things are simply understood & we are aware of it. Let me tell you something different now, that imagination could change your life. It has the power to ensure your success provided you use your power of Imagination in the right direction & your position must be clear. So, today, think about your imagination. Day dream, write, draw, do what you can to get your thoughts flowing. Even if you imagine something impossible, latch onto it. After all, most of the world’s greatest inventions were once thought to be impossible imaginations. And, as always, DMs are open. Love you all.


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