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Palace Daily News: September 17, 2020



Greetings Palace Witches and Wizards! Welcome back to the Palace Daily News! I'm your Head Girl, sofieology (new name!) here with some more fun facts! Also, thanks to our cool new forums, I'm debating switching to a blog format over the forums format - just to make things easier. Let me know what you think below! 

harry potter ron GIF

Now, because everyone seems to be in a particularly magical mood, let's look into some fun facts behind the magical universe of Harry Potter. Did you know the role of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies has been played by six actors? Most famously known is Ralph Fiennes who is the face of Voldemort you see in the last few movies. And no, Voldemort's nose was not a prosthetic! In some behind the scenes clips, Fiennes can actually be seen acting with his regular nose. Voldemort's snake like appearance was added in later via CGI!

harry potter movie magic GIF by Cheezburger

Ever wonder how every student in the films had a pet? In total, there have been over 250 animals used in the Harry Potter movie series. In a scene in professor McGonagall’s classroom, there were 60 animals on the same set. Among all the animals on the set of the film, the largest animal that was bought was a Hippopotamus. 

harry potter professor mcgonagall GIF

All the food you see in the great hall scenes is 100% real. Director Chris Columbus wanted to capture the elaborate feasts from the books perfectly (and he totes did). The only problem is the food spoiled really easily under the hot production lights and created a super unpleasant odor. That's why for future HP movies, they froze food and created molds to make the fake food look more realistic.

hogwarts GIF

Also, ever wonder why Snape looked so scary? Alan Rickman wore black contacts for his role of Snape. Director Mike Newell didn't know this fact when he commented on Alan's amazing eye color, and Alan surprised him by popping out his contact right in front of him!

harry potter GIF

Why Harry was only shown dancing from the waist up in the Yule Ball scene might surprise you. While the rest of the cast got three weeks of dancing practice, Daniel was only able to get in four days because he had a much heavier filming schedule. For this reason, they mainly used shots of Harry dancing from the waist up to avoid showing his stumbling feet.

harry potter yule ball GIF by emibob

And finally, since you all get upset that the scene of Draco running from Voldemort was cut, Voldemort awkwardly hugging Draco was not scripted, but improvised by Ralph Fiennes. Tom Felton's shocked response of stopping in his tracks was totally authentic.

draco malfoy reus GIF

I hope you all have a great day!! Happy Wizarding and have a magical Palace Day!!



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  • Palace Network Staff

Ooo yess!! I love Harry Potter so much, I knew a lot of these facts already but it was awesome to see them posted here! Amazing job as always!! ❤️ 

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