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A magical birthday in Disneyland Paris



Aloha! Today I want to talk about the most magical birthday I have ever had: and that was in Disneyland Paris! 

I was so fortunate for my birthday a few years ago, to spend it in Disneyland Paris. I took a four day trip with a friend to and stayed on site at the Santa Fae hotel! It was all cars themed and just like the most kachow. I love Disneyland Paris a lot, even though it's very small, it's adorable. It's widely known and visited by a lot of countries, so sometimes language barriers can be a struggle. It doesn't have the same intimate feeling that Walt Disney World or Disneyland California to me: in that you don't really get to speak to cast members or other families and get to know them. Not that it's absolutely needed to have a good time - sometimes it's just nice to get to know others! The visual beauty of Disneyland park is just undeniably beautiful - it's for sure my favourite castle. I loved just wandering around the park, and capturing all the little details they have. For my birthday, I was super lucky to go on a ton of attractions, and meet Mickey Mouse who sang happy birthday to me. It was for sure my favourite birthdays and I hope to return to Disneyland Paris so soon.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes from yesterday! I really appreciate the time people took to send me a message; and they all created a magical day for me. Whilst it's not possible right now for me to visit a Disney park, it's great to have these memories to cherish for the future. 🌺

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