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Regarding Creative Showcase 2020


Greetings Creative,

My username is TheWebCon. I am here to announce the indefinite delay of the Creative Showcase 2020 event. Effective immediately, all of our submission forms have been closed and registration is now closed. All previous dates given will be removed, as the show in it's original form has been cancelled.

I understand that a lot of the Creative community were looking forward to seeing CS2020; however, the original show concept has been cancelled for a multitude of reasons:

  • For the entire time that Submissions were open, we received 0 Video Submissions and 0 Text Submissions. With no submissions, there can't be a show.
  • Various players expressed confusion over video and trailer editing. While we suggested using tutorials and contacting other players who had expertise for assistance, the majority of them decided to rather wait for Text Submissions to open. With no videos, the majority of the show would simply be text, and that would unbalance the pacing.
  • A lack of motivation to proceed on the project in it's current form. I found it difficult to keep working on animations and announcements as well as planning without anyone submitting anything.

At the moment, the original show concept has been cancelled. While we will seek out potential new avenues for the CS2020 event with a redesigned concept, we cannot promise if the concept will return in any way, and if it does, it will most likely occur in 2021 instead.

We'd like to extend our apologies to those who were looking forward to the event. We were very excited as well, but unfortunately this project didn't pan out as originally intended, and that's OK. Sometimes projects that you put a lot of effort into will fall apart and just end up not working. Terminal_18, CS2020, and a proposed award show concept were all projects that us at Fuse have had to move on from.

So what does this mean for me? Well, now that my efforts won't be focused on CS2020 necessarily, I'll be able to put more of my efforts into my position at Fuse Entertainment Company, Solar7 Parks and Resorts, and Canada Heights Mall. I really hope you'll look forward to what is coming next, so be sure to follow the Fuse18 club on the Palace Forums for more information regarding that.

Additionally, if anyone would like to reach out about potential suggestions for a retooled show or concept, please contact me through Discord at @TheWebCon#8423.

Once again, thank you all for your support for the event. I'm sorry that it didn't pan out as intended, but hopefully we can learn something from this experience and make something even better.




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