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Well, today has been fairly eventful, if I say so myself.
Today, the Palace community was able to shake their groove things to 80's music, got to play some trivia with TwentyOneTinks and I, and experienced the opening of Spring Seasonal!
So let's start with the 80's Dance Party. I had to admit that I was absolutely excited for the disco party! I don't know why but I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to decade themed parties. I've had my 80's skin ready since Wednesday and once I got to the party, I came across a pleasant surprise! I found my outfit twin!


I don't know about you guys but I think CherryBud and I had the raddest outfits in the party!

Throughout the party, guests were able to meet up with Mickey, Minnie and Ursula! I even managed to snag a photo with Minnie before she had to go! She was an absolute sweetheart!


Meanwhile, guests were able to hang out with some Ghostbusters, dance, climb onto the chandelier and listen to some cool tunes by DJ Evan_McClan!





I had a rockin' time! I'd like to thank Mavly and xBrant for hosting the event, as well as the amazing staff members who helped build, advertise and moderate this event! It's thanks to the work of our awesome staff team that we're able to give guests a unique and fun experience with staff and characters!


After the 80's party came to the close with Never Gonna Give You Up being the last song, guests began to prepare for the opening on Spring Seasonal! Guests were waiting out in a colorful glass box, where they had airpod cookies thrown at them and were tempted with the promises of Dole Whip! Although it took a bit while we waited for our Seasonal build team to add the finishing touches, TwentyOneTinks and I were able to host a trivia at the USA Stage in Epcot!


But soon enough, Spring Season has opened and can be accessed by doing /warp SpringSeasonal! Spring Seasonal is absolutely beautiful and offers some cool rides and a brand new Rapunzel doll! I'd like to thank the Seasonal build team for working hard on creating something beautiful and having up step into Spring with some fun and some style! I hope you guys enjoy Spring Seasonal and all the cool features it offers!




As mentioned in the beginning of this post, today has certainly been an eventful day. I certainly had fun and I hope you guys had fun as well! I'd like to thank the staff members who worked really hard for the party and for Spring Seasonal. Everything came out beautiful and fun!

I'd also like to thank you guys for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed my recap of today's events, even if it was more photos than text. But you know what they say! A picture's worth a thousand words, so clearly this post is equivalent to 11,000 words! Feel free to talk about your fun experiences today down in the comments below! I'd love to heard about how your personal experiences about today! ~Love, Mari

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