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Blogs, Support & More!



Hey everyone, it's been a little while since we've made an announcement about some updates to the forum so we figured, why not go big and show you all the cool stuff we've been working on to make your time on our website even better. Let's get right into it!

We're super excited to introduce the ability for all of our purchased rank holders to create their own blogs. Similar to a "topic" on the website, you can create your own Blog and write whatever you want in it! As long as it follows our rules, you can write about it. Do you go on regular Disney adventures? You should definitely create a blog and tell us about it! Creating a blog is super easy, head over to the Blog page and, if you've purchased a rank and linked your Minecraft account, you can click the "Create Blog" button! 


imageproxy.php?img=&key=820545e6f05549ecimageproxy.php?img=&key=820545e6f05549ecimageproxy.php?img=&key=820545e6f05549ecOh, did I forget to mention? Club Owners, you can create a Blog on behalf of your club, as well! Just head over to your club and follow these steps:

  • Click the "Manage Club" drop down on the top right navigation bar.
  • Under "Add Club Feature", select "Blog".
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window, and you're set! Don't worry, it's super easy and very self explanatory, you'll be set up in no time!

Bam! Your club now has a blog you can post any cool news or information in. How cool is that?



I know, what a boring topic to cover in such an exciting announcement, but it's pretty exciting for us! I'm sure you've seen our pretty outdated support desk, whether it be when you're trying to figure out how to Link a Discord Account, or how to fix resource pack issues, you've probably stumbled upon our help desk articles that may seem to be kind of outdated. Hey, we even have a support ticket system where you can track your support status and everything, it'd be great if it was used.

Over the next few days, I'll be working with members of our team to move all of our help articles to a new section on the forum, which you should be seeing shortly. Our staff will be able to update these help articles regularly, that way we can make sure you have the most relevant, updated information in a place you know to find.

That's not it, though! We're also going to be moving our support system to the forums, as well! We've handled some billing & general support through either that pesky support desk I linked above, or just through plain emails. We wanted to make it easier for you to get an answer, so all of our staff have access to see General Support requests that you submit through our new support system. Head over to our new Support System to submit a question to our staff, if you have an issue with a purchase you made on the store, you can submit a support ticket there under "Billing" and it'll be handled by one of our admins that have access to our billing portal.

This new system is super easy to use, and will hopefully make things a lot better for you all to get in contact with us outside of the server, in more of a private setting. We're always here to help, so please let us know if we can do anything to help you!

When you land at the new Support System, click on "New Request" to submit a help request to us. A window will open up for you to fill out any information that you want, click submit, and that's it!



The cool part? Once you create the ticket, you'll be able to see what it's status is, and when a staff member replies! We'll even email you letting you know a staff member has replied to your ticket. Here's what it looks like when you submit your own help request:




Once a staff member replies, like I said above, you'll be notified via e-mail and you'll also be able to see the staff response on your help request. You can even see what the status of your request is!




We're going to give this a test run for the next little while, but I'd like to move all of our support related stuff to that tool so it's a one-stop shop for anything you need help with. If you notice any pesky bugs flying around, please let us know on our bug tracker


You mean... you're not done yet? Correct.

We're sure most of you are aware, but we've recently made a pretty cool addition to the website called Awards. Awards are our way of recognizing awesome achievements within the community, such as Joining the Staff Team, participating in a seasonal event, or achieving a notable amount of reputation on the website.

You can view your current awards on your profile by clicking the "Awards" tab on your public profile, like this:



Your current awards are also displayed on every post you make on the forums as well, so you can show them off to all of your friends!



This is super new to us, and we'd love to hear what you guys think we should have as awards. If you have any suggestions, let us know in a reply below! We'd love to make as many awards as we can so we can recognize awesome members of our community.


So... I think that pretty much covers it! Phew, that was A LOT. If you made it this far, maybe you should treat yourself to an awesome gif from our new gif button on posts. Yeah, that's right, we've activated GIPHY for you to use, just click on that GIF button at the top of the text editor when you go create a post and bam, we've equipped you with an arsenal of gifs to use at your leisure!




TL:DR? We've added a blogs feature for everyone to read, and for purchased rank holders to create, we're making it easier for you to ask us for help, and we've added a feature to recognize awesome members like you, more! Oh yeah, and gifs. Gifs are definitely a thing.

Until next time!
Brant, Mavly & The Palace Management Team

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