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The Netherlands?!?



So first up I’m going to be talking about the country in general, including some common misconceptions some might have.

general information:

official name: kingdom of the Netherlands

Size: 41,543 km2 (16,040 sq mi)

population: 17,308,133 people 

location: Western Europe and South America

Borders with:  in south America: France and in Europe Belgium and Germany


Common misconception:

the countries name is Holland.

while holland does exist it isn’t its own country, it’s actually just 2 of the provinces in the Netherlands, known as north and south holland.

Dutch and Deutsch are the same thing.

While the English word Dutch might come from Deutsch they are 2 different things, deutsch means german in german. Which is something else than Dutch, to someone who doesn’t speak either language they might sound similar but they are different, more on the language in a different blog

We bike everywhere:

While it’s partially true, we also use cars and other transport methods. There are actually more bikes than people here.
Country names are in dutch but most countries you should be able to identify by their flag.

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