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Aloha everyone, and welcome to my blog!

As a child I grew up visiting Walt Disney World at least once a year. I was very fortunate that my family are Disney Vacation Club members, and so Disney really is my second home. Throughout my life, I have also visited Disneyland Paris and Disneyland California. Over the years i've collected a lot of Disney knowledge - more specifically park planning knowledge. I haven't really known what to do with all of that knowledge until now - I finally have some trips planned. For the first time in three years, I am going to Walt Disney World in August 2019, and I am beyond excited for my trip. Which brings me to this blog, where I want to share my planning knowledge with you, dear reader, whilst I begin planning my own trip. If theres three things I love, it's planning, writing and Disney, so I figured why not wrap those up into one! 

I'll be covering a range of topics from attractions, restaurants, fasspasses and resorts so stay tuned! Also please feel free to suggest anything you would like to read about - or any suggestions you have for me. I'd love to read them. 



(Disclaimer: all photographs on this blog are my own personal pictures)

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Oh I do wonder if this blog will be needed to help me for a small trip in 2020 :wink:

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21 hours ago, RossDuffy said:

Oh I do wonder if this blog will be needed to help me for a small trip in 2020 :wink:

I wonder indeed - let the planning commence! :ba:

14 hours ago, brendem7 said:

Looking forward to it!

Thank you for your support! :ba:

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