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Jungle Cruise & More Coming to Fantasy Valley



This past September, during the rededication of Fantasy Valley, it was announced that some new things were coming to Fantasy Valley park. At the time, it was announced that a new land would be coming to the park, replacing Mickey's ToonTown. All that was revealed was that it would be Adventureland, but now we're ready to share some new details. There will be two attractions (one being a show), a table service restaurant, and some other guest areas to explore. While we aren't quite ready to share what the attraction will be that's a show, Fuse Entertainment is pleased to share that the other attraction will be The World Famous Jungle Cruise. Hop aboard a Jungle Navigation Company vessel and explore the scenic rivers of Africa, Asia, and South America. It is sure to peak the interest of all and offer a great time! This also marks the first boat based attraction for the Fuse Entertainment park. The fun continues at The World Famous Skipper Canteen. This will be the parks first table service restaurant in over a year and continues the great story telling and fun from the Jungle Cruise. Look for these offerings, and some more surprises, at Fantasy Valley. We can't wait to share these new creations with everyone! The land  and attractions have no set opening date at this time, but is expected to open sometime in early to mid 2020. For more information, and to stay up to date on all things Fuse, join the Fuse Club on Palace Forums and the Fuse Page on the Palace Creative Discord Server.

Jungle Cruise Opening soon poster.png


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