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TPC 2020 UPDATE - Booth Building Begins Tomorrow (May 18th, 2020; Monday)

Hello! Before we get to today's announcement, the registrations that were made yesterday are amazing! We're already up to 15+ confirmed attendees for the convention, with 9 panels already scheduled! Remember that if you haven't registered yet, now is the time to do so before they fill up completely!

Onto the announcement, BOOTH CONSTRUCTION for TPC 2020 will begin TOMORROW, May 18th 2020. There is currently no announced closure date for booth building; however we ask that you complete your booth as soon as possible to allow the convention to move forward. Tomorrow, TheWebCon will be online and ready to let you build your booth! Here's how this is going to work.

  • You'll sign onto Palace Creative and message TheWebCon directly. (If TheWebCon is not online, DM him on Discord using the contact information provided below. He'll come on to allow you to build, if he can. Note that you will not be able to build booths on Sundays due to restrictions on when TheWebCon can come online.)
  • He'll take a few moments to check your reservation. (Remember, you can only build for a booth that you registered for OR a booth where you are registered as a builder for.)
  • If you are good to go, you'll be given a rundown of some rules and given permissions to build! Once you have completed your booth, message TheWebCon again. He'll check it over, then confirm it ready for the convention!

There are, however, some rules to go over as well-

  • You may not build on a booth space that you are not registered for.
  • You may NOT leave the convention hall, or attempt to break out of the convention hall.
  • You may not look at other booths excessively (It'll waste TheWebCon's time and you'll be able to do this during the actual convention!).
  • You may not break into the booth located at Imag-B3 (the one surrounded by a black wall that extends outside the booth space). If you do so, your booth reservation may be revoked.
  • You may not build outside of the outline of your booth space. You can build on the outline, but not outside. You can place other accents on the exterior walls outside the outline as long as they are not blocks (signs, item frames, etc.)
  • You may not leave the plot while you still have permissions.
  • Logging off the server while added will result in TheWebCon revoking your permissions, and you'll need to contact him again in order to build.
  • There is a maximum dig limit of 2 blocks from ground level and a height limit of 8 blocks from ground level.
  • You must build the booth for the plot/company you registered for. If you want to adjust your reservation, please contact TheWebCon.

Good booths include the following:

  • Good and appeasing design and layout
  • Information about the plot, what is coming next, and how to visit the plot
  • Eye-catching design without being too jarring
  • Have good build quality and design (not just a giant box)

WARNING! Any incomplete booths that were reserved may be removed if they are not completed/finished by the booth construction deadline (which has not been announced yet, more information coming soon). Make sure to complete your booth as soon as possible to prevent this from happening!

Note that you will not be able to build booths on Sundays due to restrictions on when TheWebCon can come online.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact TheWebCon directly through Discord (@TheWebCon#8423), or get in touch with a Fuse Resort Staff Member. Thank you for your understanding!



Director - Fuse Entertainment Company

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