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Club Updates / Welcome Brant!



First off, Welcome to the club Brant. It is a real honor to have you in this club! Thanks for joining! Enjoy your stay!  


Next up, Pride month. If you do not know what pride month is, It is when we celebrate you for who you truly are! For pride month, Palace changes some well known attractions into a rainbow mix. These normally include the castle, Tower Of Terror, The Tree Of Life and Space Ship Earth. Pride month takes place between June 1st - June 30th. See you there! 🌈


Big shout out to @SorcererAndrew for keeping the club up to date and active, Thanks Andrew! 🎉


Today is `A day at USO' event! Today you will be exploring around USO hopefully riding rides and meeting some of your favorite special characters. Make sure you are there. It's going to be Marvelous. 👀


Tomorrow (05/23/20) is graduation! If you filled out the google form to take part, Congrats and we can't wait to see you walk down main street! The event can be spectated by anyone and people who are graduating can walk down mainstreet at 2PM EST. Have fun! 


Aloha Summer. Summer is coming! Make sure to attend the Aloha Summer event on The Disney Cruise Ship! More information will be released nearer to the event. 


Finally, Thank you to everyone that joined the club, We are at 53 members at the minute and our goal for 100 members by the summer looks promising. 


- Many thanks,



Attend the events!


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