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    Sooo... as seen by Brants comment:

    "This is on purpose, as it stands we can't proactively moderate private messages, so in order to ensure we give people the best family friendly experience, we've chosen to disable private messages. I'll see if there's a way we can change the messaging of that dialog box to explain this."

    You are not allowed to send messages cause of family friendly stuff.

    so why is the box there? 


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    It's there because in the future, it can come back and messages can be enabled. There isn't a plan right now, but it's there just so we have it.

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    @cjh66 It is possible to remove it, however like @ScanWorks said we have left it because in the future we may enable personal messaging. The only issue being I would have to search around 200 files to find the line of code to remove it

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