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    Show Creator Not Working

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    Ever since the big creative update, this has been a big issue. When I go into the show creator and add a firework, text, or a particle, it will let me pick the particle, customize the firework, and add text to the message. However, when I go back to the show menu, the message, particle, and firework are not there. Also, I can't delete the show (I'm a settler so I don't know if this is a feature included for the rank or not). However, my friend BrerRabbit_ (Which is his Minecraft Username) can use it with no problems. I don't know if this is just me, but I'm reporting it because I would like to be able to make shows again 9_9

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    Here Again, I go to create a new show, it says it has been created. I go to the show menu and all that is there is the show titled Spookwalk, which I can't get rid of! Your data must be bugged or wrong @Musician101 I have tried everything, no matter what I do I cannot create a show, or add anything to my pre-existing show. Other players have reported this problem as well, multiple times. Players of higher ranks seem to not have this problem, however. Please help o.O





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    Keeping it closed. You're a Settler, which means you can only have 1 show. As for not being able to delete shows, that should be fixed now.

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