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Palace Anniversary Celebration!


To celebrate Palace's Anniversary, we're excited to bring you two returning events, and two returning parades!

The first is runPalace! Get ready to race alongside your fellow friends in Magic Kingdom, while your fellow staff cheer you on! We hope to see you all there on November 7th!

We’re also excited to announce the return of the iconic Palace Awards, in a new form! We’re excited to reveal that it will now take place annually in November for our anniversary! So you don’t get two Palace Awards this year, we’re excited to announce The Dreamies! The Dreamies will give you a chance to vote for your favorite attraction, park, character, and much  more! Along with that, riding the winner of best attraction in each park will give you double the honor and balance the attraction gives, and will even give you some tokens! We hope to see you there on November 8th!

Lastly for the anniversary, we are excited to announce the return of Magic Happens & the Main Street Electrical Parade exclusively for November! 

This is just a taste of our anniversary offerings, and we can’t wait to share more details with you within the coming weeks!

Find out all information here: 


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