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Grizzly Gulch | Grand Opening


This land will introduce an all new E-Ticket rollercoaster adventure and Fantasy Valley's first true thrill ride. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars will feature all new effects and state of the art redstone, but you won't notice all of it because Fuse Entertainment has developed a state of the art, Automatic Block Brake - Ride Control System! This technology will debut with the ride when the land opens on January 23rd. For those of you who aren't thrill seekers, you can explore the Mystic Grizzly Caverns, or cool off from the hot desert sun in Geyser Gulch! a water play area. The Country Bear Jamboree will NOT be opening with the land, but will debut later this year. You will also find exclusive land merchandise at Frontier Mercantile and all new dining at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe' or experience an old west saloon at the Diamond Horseshoe. There's something for everyone in every inch of this highly detailed land. 

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