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Hello everyone! Pepiii here, and as you can likely tell this is my club! It is open to anyone who feels obliged to join and be awesome! I hope you all enjoy it here, and hope that everyone else enjoys making their own clubs too! We're here for the fun, and get some Creative work done! I am a huge fan of large species (which you commonly find in a zoo/safari park setting) which is why I want to start a zoo/safari park on my plot within the near future!

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  2. Hello everyone! This post is to not only welcome you all into Pep's Peptacular People's club, but to also welcome to new Moderators into the group and they are; Sock_Sowachowski and cheetah123! These guys, as well as being Staff on Palace, are great friends of my (hopefully), and they have always been there for me! I hope that you see them in their amazing ways as I do! If you'd like a chance to be Moderator, you can find out your chances at becoming one by joining the group and staying tuned for more! Pepiii

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