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About This Club

This club is a club full of games and fun!! We will do games on the club and in the server, which will be announced on the club. I can't wait for you to join for some minigames and fun! :D

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. SuperPotatqx

    Me dumb.

    Sorry everyone, I totally forgot about da club meeting. We will be changing the time to 4:30 CST.
  3. Canis18

    Welcome new mod!

  4. SuperPotatqx

    Welcome new mod!

    I will be moderating any staff that joins the club, because they know how to moderate the chat. The newest moderator of the club is: @Canis18 Congrats!
  5. SuperPotatqx

    Story Game

    This is the first game on our club! It is like the story game on the games section of the forums, but with a twist. This time, your sentence has to relate to the Palace Network. Rules: No inappropriate sentences. We have mods to keep an eye on you. No personal info, politics, or drinking related in the sentences. Even though the server celebrates Pride, young kids may not know what it means and should not know just yet, so please no talking about Pride related stuff. Have fun!! Ok, here is the topic sentence: Once upon a time,
  6. SuperPotatqx

    Club Meetings

    Every club meeting we will play a game and also discuss games that should be added to the club forum, or discuss games we can play at club meetings. It will be every Tuesday at 3:30 PM CST at /warp castle. We will then go to /warp bog to discuss. It is not mandatory that you come to the club meetings, but we would like you to be able to come to the first meeting.

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