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Welcome To The Official Disney's Magical Adventure Enterprises (DMA) Club on the Palace Forums! We strive to give you the best experience possible, with our evolving parks, discord, and staff team. Joining This Club Will give you more information on how to gain access to our in-park lounges and events. More details about all things DMA Are availible in this club! Have Fun!

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DMA Park - Closed For Refurbishment and Rewind.| DMA Studios: Closed for DMA Rewind
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  2. *DMA Rewind* This message is on behalf of ijaypea, the owner. We here at DMA Have been thinking about this for the past few days, we do have a weird system for things. We need to clean up our task system, organization, and coordination. We have redone our Discord Server, and Are working on park overhauls as well as something new. We have decided to close our parks for a temporary break and to regroup while working on them. We want to bring you the best experience possible, and put our name out there for people of creative to know. We thank you for all the support so far as we head

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