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Welcome to the Palace Daily News! The Palace Daily News is a club that features news about Disney and the Palace Network. The topics discussed are ones you will not find on the Community Updates and Events page, as we offer a unique perspective into Palace Daily Life and discuss many popular topics amongst the players. Additionally, we now feature 10 new columns with daily fun facts and activities! If you would like to join our staff, please message sofieremix on Discord. Enjoy your time here and we hope you have a Magical Palace Day!

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  2. I loved reading this USO update!! Can't wait for more!
  3. Hi everyone! This is Utopia with the long-awaited return of USO News! It's been a bit, huh? So, a LOT has happened at the Universal Orlando Resort since I last wrote, and I'm gonna attempt to cover it all in this update. Here goes: Perhaps the most notable update is that Velocicoaster, the Jurassic World-themed rollercoaster that's been under construction for almost two years, was officially announced with a predicted opening date of Summer 2021. While the ride itself seems just about ready to go as testing has commenced, I can understand why Universal have pushed the opening as far
  4. Ooh wow!! All this information was so cool and interesting, I can't wait to see more articles that you come to produce in the future!!
  5. Hello Everybody! Welcome to the newest part of the Palace Daily News. I Am now here to give you all the latest WDW News! I Want to thank @sofieologyFor making this all possible! 😜 Now Let's get into the News! "It's a Small World" Refurbishment A Colorful Themed Scrim has been added around the "IASW" facade. The Queue has been moved around to accommodate the Construction. Although there is no exact explanation on what is going on or when the refurb will end. This is to possibly add a "Disney Touch" to IASW. As we saw in Tokyo Disneyland that our favorite Disney Pals were added
  6. SO EPIC! I love DYI (was my name obvious enough lol) so this post is perfection! SPOOKY SEASON!!
  7. Greeting Palace Peeps! We have finally arrived to Spooky Season!! I'm your host, sofieology, back with some more fun Halloween activities for you to try at home! This post specifically is dedicated to the hauntingly epic @TheCraftyBatman as we are going to learn how to make some DIY Haunted Mansion decor today! Let's dive on in! Ever wanted to have the Haunted Mansion sign on your front door? Well now you can using this DIY! If you want more detailed instructions, this project can be found on "The Imagine Ears" website!! For this project, you will need the following: A
  8. I Am definitely excited! I Would love to see Epic Universe go vertical by now
  9. Good morning Palace Peeps! Welcome back to the Haunted Palace Daily News! I'm your host sofieology with another Halloween DIY! Now, I know everyone is sad that we cannot celebrate MNSSHP in person this year, but I am here to give you guys some fun DIYs so you can bring the event into your home!! Let's check out two cool ones for today! Ever want to have your own poison apple? Well, here's how you can make one from home! Here are the materials you will need: 1 Plastic Apple (any color will do) High Gloss Red Spray Paint (or whatever color you want) Black and Brown
  10. Wow is it the end of September already? Where in the world did this month go!! Good Morning Palace Peeps! The Daily News is back after a brief hiatus because someone had a lot of homework to catch up on - but now I am ahead so I can grace you with some more halloween facts. However, given that lovely poll I had you all answer, I am doing something a bit different today. Since we are all in quarantine and won't be able to celebrate Halloween outside, I am going to switch it up. Not only will you now get to read Halloween facts on here, we will also start featuring some DIY activities
  11. Okay! So I can't post everyday or week anymore, but I will try once or twice a month! I have been asked to put more Star Wars Facts up, and now I'm here. Hi! Hmm.. what can I find in my encyclopedia.. oh! Here! Lightsabers are said to be made of Kyber Crystals that come from a cave, but it was never confirmed in the movies, except when Luke's/Rey's lightsaber was broken by Kylo Ren, if you look close enough you can see the blue crystal! (SPOILER AND SORRY!)
  12. Hello Everyone! For those who don't know me, my name is Sofieology and I am the head of the Palace Daily News. I just wanted to do a quick poll today to figure out some things for the future of the news. I would appreciate it if you took the poll to help us out! Thank you in advance and go news!
  13. Ooo yess!! I love Harry Potter so much, I knew a lot of these facts already but it was awesome to see them posted here! Amazing job as always!! ❤️
  14. Greetings Palace Witches and Wizards! Welcome back to the Palace Daily News! I'm your Head Girl, sofieology (new name!) here with some more fun facts! Also, thanks to our cool new forums, I'm debating switching to a blog format over the forums format - just to make things easier. Let me know what you think below! Now, because everyone seems to be in a particularly magical mood, let's look into some fun facts behind the magical universe of Harry Potter. Did you know the role of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies has been played by six actors? Most famously known is Ralph Fiennes w
  15. Heya! Welcome back to video game news! I apologize deeply for not uploading for a while, I've been busy with school, and as soon as I was ready to write, the forums were down. Anyways, lets get right into the news!!! First we have some VR news. The Oculus Quest 2 has released and is a major improvement on the original, better resolution, more comfortable, etc. If you are looking for a VR headset, but don't have a good PC, the Oculus Quest 2 is a good fit, running off of the headset itself, and not a PC, and is 300 dollars! Our next section for VR will be.. Games! Beat Saber has announced
  16. Woah, those facts about Halloween Horror Nights were so interesting, thank you so much for always taking the time to share facts with us!! And I am also loving the motivation today, losing can feel like a massive deal at times, especially when it's something that you really wanted to do well at, or tried so hard in a game for example. I love how you said that we should think about how we can improve, that is so so true!! ❤️
  17. Welcome back spooky, scary Palace Peeps to the Haunted Palace Daily News! I’m your host, sofieremix, here to share some fun facts into a highly anticipated event: USO’s Halloween Horror Nights! As a reminder, the first night of Palace’s Halloween Horror Nights is this Saturday, September 19th, starting at 7 PM EST. I hope you all are excited! The house at the Media preview scared the lights out of me! But speaking of the event, do you know how the event was started in real life? The original concept of this event was to have a huge Halloween party throughout the Universal Studios Florida theme
  18. Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Haunted Palace Daily News! I am your host, sofieremix, here with some more Halloween Disney news. Also, even though the news was gone for a few days, I have been posting more Halloween facts on the forums page! To find more fun facts, look under “Walt Disney World Resort” for the Disney Halloween Countdown! In some actual news, Disney released last week new Disney Halloween pins on the Shop Disney website. Due to the pandemic, Disney released the Halloween pins online, so people can still collect them without having to go to the parks. Now for some fun facts
  19. That daily motivation was so beautiful! 💗💗✨
  20. PSSSST, hey, hey Tony. Do you hear the dogs? Tony, we’ve got to get out of here, before it’s too late, please. Welcome back my Palace Witches to the Haunted Daily News. I’m your host, sofieremix, here with some more halloween movie facts. Today, we are focusing on one of my favorite Disney movies ever, the 1975 version of “Escape to Witch Mountain”. As I assume many of you don’t know the plot, the movie focuses on two children who have magical powers, escaping the home of a rich man who wants to use them as weapons, trying to find their way back home. Some of you may know the 2009

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