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Welcome to the Palace Daily News! The Palace Daily News is a club that features news about Disney and the Palace Network. The topics discussed are ones you will not find on the Community Updates and Events page, as we offer a unique perspective into Palace Daily Life and discuss many popular topics amongst the players. Additionally, we now feature 10 new columns with daily fun facts and activities! If you would like to join our staff, please message sofieremix on Discord. Enjoy your time here and we hope you have a Magical Palace Day!

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  2. WDW News 10/29/20 | New Gateways, Layoffs, & Halloween! Happy Halloween Everyone! Oh boy this week at WDW Is wild. From Exciting news, to Serious news , this week- was crazy! Make sure to comment what section you best liked! Enjoy! -=-=-=-=-=- New Gateways (photo shown below) On Monday, Disney Announced that all 5 Roadway Gateways will be Repainted. Although We notice that the castle is removed, & "Where dreams come true" has been removed. Repainting has begun on Western Way. The road behind DAK And Coronado Springs. Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza

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