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SeaWorld Palace is a SeaWorld-based Plot, where we strive to bring the magic of SeaWorld into Minecraft. We have amazing, breath-taking shows, and thrilling rollercoasters. Visit the plot at /plotwarp SeaWorld!

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/plotwarp SeaWorld
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Joshmc_

    My Thank You

    Indeed, thank you all <3 As the coordinator of Events it is my pleasure to work on events for you all to enjoy! And thank you @ThePilotGamer for all the work you do too!
  3. Hello everyone! I would just like to say thank you for all of your guys' support for SeaWorld Palace. We are currently the second most popular club on the website, so that is insane! We are working our hardest to bring you brand new shows, such as Dolphin Days, to say our thank you's, and are always thinking of ways for us to make SeaWorld Palace more enjoyable! Thank you, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace
  4. Hey everyone! Your Chief Events Officer Joshmc_ here! So I decided to take the time to ride each ride, and time them. So these are the clock times of all the rides! (Note:these may be official Pilot just hasn't viewed them yet ) So, we have 4 rides that I timed: Splash, Mako, Manta, and Kraken! Splash-Splash clocked in as our longest ride with 2 minutes 14 seconds and 8 milliseconds Mako-Mako is our shortest ride with 42 seconds and 12 milliseconds Manta-Manta is our second shortest ride with 58 seconds and 89 milliseconds Kraken-Kraken is our second longest ride with 1 minute 22 seconds and 86 milliseconds Hopefully this will help someone if your at SeaWorld and you only have a certain amount of time you know what rides you can fit in! Anyway hope this will help someone <3
  5. Joshmc_

    Splash Grand Re-Opening

    Thanks to everyone who showed up! It was a great little opening! (BTW treat this as more of a comment and less of a review I just had to rate it so ignore the star rating please)
  6. Come join us for the grande re-opening of Splash! SeaWorld Palace's dark ride! Its all done refurbishment and is ready for you to swim on in!
  7. Joshmc_

    Splash Refurb!

    I'm locking this topic since the ride is now about to open! Thanks for all the comments <3
  8. By the way this topic will be locked after the ride reopens or at 12 PM EST Saturday December 1st!
  9. Hey guys! So myself @ThePilotGamer, and @Chrisboy04 are pleased to say: Splash! Has finished its refurbishment! Splash is our dark ride rollercoaster hybrid that closed for a refurbishment recently, however after lots of work from Pilot, Chris and a bit from myself Splash is ready to reopen! It will be reopened to the public Saturday December 1st at 12 PM EST!!! Hope yo see you guys there!!!
  10. ThePilotGamer

    What is your favourite ride?

    @Chrisboy04 - didn't add Splash on there as the refurbishment isn't done!
  11. Chrisboy04

    What is your favourite ride?

    Where’s splash @ThePilotGamer? Cause that’s definitely my favorite ride. I can’t wait for the refurbished to be done and then I’ll be able to ride it again.
  12. Here is a poll on your favourite ride at SeaWorld Palace!
  13. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    Our development team is proud to present this first overview picture of the refurb, the parts that are drawn in blue show where the old track was all the track drawn in gray is the current track, stay tuned because there might be more new coming about the changes to SPLASH.
  14. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    I'd like to notify you all of a new phrase we're (mostly just me but it fits the theme) adding to the marketing of SPLASH: THERE'S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH! (yes in all caps)
  15. Chrisboy04

    Splash Refurb!

    I can’t wait to see what we make out of this ride.
  16. So all though Splash just opened in the end Pilot and I were un-happy with the result. So it will be going down for a extensive refurbishment. This will include new show scenes and changes to current ones. Can't wait for you guys to see the result! It is un-known when it will be re-opened.
  17. ThePilotGamer

    Splash Is Now Open!

    Our newest attraction, Splash! is now open! Come to /plotwarp SeaWorld to ride it!
  18. Chrisboy04

    [NEW RIDE] Splash!

    I can't wait for it to open. (This has absolutely nothing everything to do with my involvement in this project.)
  19. Joshmc_

    SeaWorld Christmas Party

    Come join us for a One Ocean and Light up the Night! We will be performing Light Up The Night at 1 PM EST however TPA's will be opening at 12:30 PM EST and One Ocean will be showing at 2 PM EST but TPA's will open 1:30 PM EST. This is the end of this weeks Christmas Party at SeaWorld Palace, more dates of the party will be announced soon!
  20. Hi there! My name is Joshmc_! I joined the SeaWorld staff team on October 19th 2018! When I joined the staff team I joined as Vice-Director of Trainers. My positions here at SeaWorld are: Vice-Director of Trainers 10/19/18-11/03/18 Director of Trainers 11/03/18-11/18/18 Chief Events Officer/Executive 11/18/18-Present So thats a little about what I do here at SeaWorld Palace, but what about me as a person? So I love Disney (like most people on Palace) and Universal but Harry Potter is my favourite. I am a crazy person. And I am currently an Honorable here at Palace Network To be honest theres not much to say other than that and if you see me around feel free to say "Hello!"
  21. ThePilotGamer

    [NEW RIDE] Splash!

    A new ride in development...
  22. Joshmc_

    Mako Reopening

    yay!!! To be honest it really need it lol.
  23. ThePilotGamer

    Mako Reopening

    Mako has undergone refurbishment and is now open! Make sure to hop on to the server to see what has been updated! Yours sincerely, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace
  24. ThePilotGamer

    Mako Refurbishment

    Mako is now going to be undergoing refurbishment. We expect this to last a day or less, so you will be able to ride it later on today! The rest of the park is still operation as normal, involving Manta. Thank you, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace

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