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The Official Lights Park Update Club - This Is Where You Can Receive Updates On Our Latest Project "Lights Park" And Suggest Topics/Ideas For

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  2. I Have Made A Decision To Close The Park Until Furthur Notice As We Will Be Updating The Park With Better And More Detailed Builds! Aswell As Some Of You're Favourite Shows Will Be Coming Back To The Park! =D
  3. ItzPolarBear


    Delays Are Basically When There Is Another Palace Show Or Event Going On And To Make It More Convenient To Most Guests, We Delay It By A Couple Hours, These May Not Be Exact, Due To Event Times, It Can Be Extended So That It Can Be Better For Most Guests, If This Ends Up Happening We Will Attempt To Run The Show/Event Later Than it Was Originally
  4. This Party Has Also Been Delayed By 3 Hours
  5. Wishes Has Been Delayed By 3 Hours We Apologize For The Inconvenience
  6. until
    Today We Will Be Hosting A Whole Party At The Location On The Side! We Hope To See You There! (Once Again RSVP's Will Get VIP Seating For Shows And A Tour After The Event Ends)
  7. ItzPolarBear


    Hello! Today At 12PM Eastern (Not Mid-Night ) We Will Be Showing A Special Showing Of Wishes, RSVP For VIP Seating, And We Hope To See You There! Currently As It Is Also December, We are also showing our version of Holiday Wishes! Stay Tuned On Our Club For More Information.
  8. Wishes - A Holiday Spectacular Will Show 12/8/18 @ 12:00PM! When This Happens Please If You Are Interested Please TPA To ItzPolarBear, or Any Other Lights Park Staff Team Member They Will Be Happy To Help You! =D

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