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This is a club for Meep development Inc. a "company" started by Chrisboy04 and cjh66, we do all sorts of projects on the server, currently, we are working on Little Amsterdam, Meep Movie Studios

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  2. Meep. So... Straight to the point. Alright, I am currently working on getting a second plot, and i was wondering what YOU want for Meep Development Inc. And be unique! Also, make sure to check other projects we have to make sure that it hasn't already been made or in progress. Me and @Chrisboy04 Already have some ideas, but we want to know, what would you like for MDI?
  3. Disney Lost World is a new theme park by @SuperPotatqx. It shows rides and worlds from Walt Disney World that didn't make it off the drawing board. Made with a little help from @Chrisboy04 and @cjh66, DLW Will be a unique experience.
  4. So a little while back I posted our plans for Thrill Town an ambitious theme park project. Today I will present you with the current construction status. @cjh66 has started construction on our Western Town. @Chrisboy04 has started working on the different types of mountains we have in different sections of the park like the pirate and western section. He also built "Moose on the loose" Our duelling wooden coaster. Here are some pictures. Mountains in the pirate area. Western area Moose on the loose coaster.
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