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Want to know when a character is on or an event is happening? Well join this club! On here we can post to alert each other of when a character is on or an event is happening! We can also talk about our experiences and have a fun time! If you are not really into this stuff, you are still welcomed to join! Everyone including staff are welcomed to join! We would really like for all of you to join! (Also if you join this club you to do necessarily have to post if a character is on or anything) MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE EVENT AND A CHARACTER ALERT CLUB PAGE (I do not mean the home page) TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN A CHARACTER IS ON OR A EVENT IS GOING ON!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. You ain't never had a friend like me! Come meet the Genie over at ./warp magiclamp !
  3. Boo and Stitch are hunting for presents around the Magic Kingdom!
  4. Join us for the Christmas in March event, beginning at /warp TLStage
  5. Come meet Fabio.. I mean Nemo! He is meeting guests at /warp nemo !
  6. Come meet the Shadow Man - Dr Facilier! Over at ./warp Shadows !
  7. The flitterific Rosetta is meeting guests at /warp fairy!
  8. Come meet our demi-god Maui at /warp maui - you're welcome!
  9. The event has ended - thank you all so much for coming!
  10. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! Come meet Mary Poppins at /warp Mary !
  11. Second star to right and straight on until morning! Come meet Wendy Darling at /warp Wendy !
  12. This way? That way! Come meet Alice at /warp Wonderland !
  13. A Very British Tea Party event is happening now at /warp UK !
  14. The greatest cowgirl Jessie is meeting guests at /warp mainstreet
  15. TRON himself, Sam Flynn has joined us at ./warp TRON , make sure to come greet him!
  16. The TRON event has commenced at ./warp TRON. Come join in the digital fun users!
  17. You ain’t never had a friend like me! Come meet the one and only Genie at /warp Genie
  18. Come meet some friends at /warp sdmt including Snow White, the Evil Queen and Sleepy the Dwarf!
  19. Come meet Princess Tiana at /warp tiana !
  20. Li Shang is currently training guests on how to become warriors at ./warp mulantraining !
  21. The Bring Honor To Us All Event has now started at ./warp Reflection !
  22. Our lovely queens of Arendelle are visiting us at /warp winter !
  23. She hasn't lost her sheep, but she is excited to meet all of you! Come meet Bo Peep at ./warp sheep in Andy's Backyard!

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