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Want to know when a character is on or an event is happening? Well join this club! On here we can post to alert each other of when a character is on or an event is happening! We can also talk about our experiences and have a fun time! If you are not really into this stuff, you are still welcomed to join! Everyone including staff are welcomed to join! We would really like for all of you to join! (Also if you join this club you to do necessarily have to post if a character is on or anything) MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE EVENT AND A CHARACTER ALERT CLUB PAGE (I do not mean the home page) TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN A CHARACTER IS ON OR A EVENT IS GOING ON!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. batman4life33


    A classic! Hope you have fun meeting him!
  3. batman4life33


    I would love to meet him! Take pictures! <3
  4. Come meet him at /warp imagination!
  5. Figment is on at /warp imagination! e.e
  6. Come see marge and Lisa Simpson! Who knows, You may even get a donut [!] /warp wig <!> Old Post <!>
  7. Come meet joy at /warp joy
  8. PanicAtTheJedi


    edit queue is reopening rn for 1 min!
  9. Joy is here at /warp joy queue is closed may reopen depends.
  10. Thanks for sharing the event, @LucyCatx! I hope everyone enjoys meeting the Disney couples!
  11. <3 Hey guys just so you know there is a character dining at 1pm EST at cinderella's royal table! I believe there is going to be some iconic disney couples visiting!! <3
  12. Daphne and Fred are signing autos at /warp mystery!
  13. Come meet Tigger, Winnie the pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore at /warp surprise!
  14. Meet the smartest kid in Springfield, Lisa Simpson, at /join uso /warp child
  15. Meet peters arch enemy hook at /warp hook
  16. LilyFred1


    Meet eyore at /warp saddonkey he’s looking for some friends!
  17. come meet your best friend Fawn at /warp fairy !!!!!
  18. Epcot's character spot has a whole group of pals waiting to meet you! Take pictures with Silvermist, Doc McStuffins, Russell, Sneezy, AND Anastasia! Join all the fun at /warp CS!
  19. Wingapo, Palace Network! Pocahontas was greeting guests this evening at /warp river.
  20. Come meet her at /warp rajah!
  21. Look for the bear necessities and Baloo at /warp cl!
  22. Voldemort is signing autos and meeting guests at /join USO then /warp voldemort!
  23. Eeyore is tooling around the Magic Kingdom right now going on a few group rides. He's starting at /warp castle.
  24. Come meet her at /warp Godmother or /warp crt .
  25. Come meet her at /warp godmother!
  26. Meet Curious George at /warp Monkey

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