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Want to know when a character is on or an event is happening? Well join this club! On here we can post to alert each other of when a character is on or an event is happening! We can also talk about our experiences and have a fun time! If you are not really into this stuff, you are still welcomed to join! Everyone including staff are welcomed to join! We would really like for all of you to join! (Also if you join this club you to do necessarily have to post if a character is on or anything) MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE EVENT AND A CHARACTER ALERT CLUB PAGE (I do not mean the home page) TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN A CHARACTER IS ON OR A EVENT IS GOING ON!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Bonjour Mon Amis! Come meet Belle in her library at ./warp enchantedrose in Epot!
  3. Come meet Baymax and Honey Lemon at ./warp fransokyo !
  4. Come meet Winnie the Pooh and Piglet at ./warp hunny in Magic Kingdom!
  5. Welcome! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS TO THE FULLEST, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO THIS. Format: [Character] is online on the Palace Network! {Time} {Closed/Open Queue} [Picture (Optional)] -=~=- Not following this format is fine Also!: The forum topics will be locked after 1d or 2 hours. Please make sure to keep this in mind, this is just to make it easier! ENJOY!
  6. Stitch is online playing some games over at ./warp castle !
  7. Come meet Prince Hans of the Southern Isles at ./warp Arendelle !
  8. Prince Hans from Frozen is meeting at /warp Arendelle!!
  9. Come meet Richard Gerth over at ./warp Gerth in the Grand Floridian resort!
  10. Bing Bong is at /warp cottoncandy!
  11. Come meet Disgust over at ./warp emotions !
  12. Come meet Rex, Forky and Captain Mickey at ./warp cs in Epcot!
  13. Come meet your favourite emotion Joy at ./warp joy !
  14. Shes starting her meet in like 2 seconds! /warp dora
  15. Curious George is at /warp bananas queue is still open!
  16. Dr. Facilier is now on in /warp dr , but the queue is now close!
  17. Queue is closed but he might do things with guests afterwards.
  18. Judy Hopps from ZPD is meeting guests at /warp hopps!
  19. Carl Fredricksen is at /warp kevin!
  20. He is on hanging out and riding rides with us in USO!
  21. Come to meet at your favorite Star in /warp jellyfish
  22. Hello everyone! I have some things to share with you! As you may or may not know I haven't been very active recently and I am extremely sorry about that! I want to thank all of you for posting and keeping this club alive when I was gone! Also we are super close to hitting 100 members and thank you to every single person who joined and made this club possible! I soon will be picking some members to make mods of the club so if you are interested let me know! ❤️
  23. Edna Mode is having a meet and greet at /warp Edna !

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