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FUSE Entertainment Company is shaping the future of entertainment. For business inquiries, please contact TheWebCon.

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  2. THEMEPARKCON 2019 – Palace Forums Information Board CURRENT UPDATE (4:14 PM EST, 3/20/19) - SPARK Convention Center is nearly completed! The Center, however, is not yet open at EpiCentral. Stay tuned for more information about the progress here! Booth Registration- Coming Soon. Please stay tuned for more information on Registration by joining this club! Panel Registration- Coming Soon. Please stay tuned for more information on Registration by joining this club! FAQ (as of 3/9/19, 12:00 PM EST) Questions in bold- Answers in italics What is ThemeParkCon 2019? ThemeParkCon 2019 is a yearly event on Palace Creative where players come together to talk about, present, and discuss all things theme parks, theater, and more! Our main aspects are booths and panels that are presented throughout the weeks of TPC! At TPC, you can show off your newest theme park project to the server and present information about it! Where is it happening? ThemeParkCon 2019 is not a real-life event, but rather, a digital one. It will be hosted at the EpiCentral (a hub for FUSE Entertainment) this year, with Booths/Panels at Spark Convention Center, some Panels at Web Theatre, and overnight services at the Tempo Landing Hotel. When is it happening? ThemeParkCon 2019 will be hosted sometime during June 2019 (dates not confirmed yet). During this time, the booths and booking at Tempo Landing Hotel will be available to enter and access at any time. However, panels will only be conducted at certain times. What is a booth? Can I get one? A booth is a temporary stand at the Spark Convention Center at EpiCentral (where TPC is hosted this year). This allows you to represent your theme park/project in a more creative style. You'll be able to build one and have it hosted at one of the halls of Spark Convention Center! Booth Registration has not begun yet for TPC 2019. Make sure you stay joined to this club to receive updates about when registration does begin! What is a panel? How can I see one? Can I get one myself? A panel is a temporary show hosted at Spark Convention Center or Web Theatre, where you can announce information regarding your park/company, or just talk about theme parks in general! However, in order to attend one, you must be online about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time. Panel Registration has not begun yet for TPC 2019. Make sure you stay joined to this club to receive updates about when registration does begin! What are the rules? The rules reflect normal EpiCentral rules, which includes- NO FLYING No parkouring No entering staff areas No entering closed/restricted/construction areas Respect all staff instruction Do not fly into/enter stage areas unless permitted to by a staff member Do not walk on roofs Do not intentionally grief or damage the area Do not spam fireworks *Please note that these rules may be changed or edited at any time. I have a question that wasn't mentioned on this list! Don't worry! Send a comment below and we'll be sure to answer your question. A full forum post is coming as well for updates. Get ready Creative- ThemeParkCon 2019 is coming, and it's coming fast! Accelerate Theme Parks Forward With Us
  3. Let us know about what YOU want to see in the parks! Please make sure you reply with the name of the theme park/venue/attraction you are referring to.
  4. FUSE Entertainment Applications Have you ever wanted to join the team that makes TomorrowVerse and more? Well, you're in luck! Applications are open! TomorrowVerse is owned, built and operated by FUSE Entertainment. Ya know, the same people who made other theme parks such as Fantasy Valley, FUSE's Hollywood Studios, and EpiCentral! By joining our team, you'll be able to help expand TomorrowVerse and all of those other parks as well! If you'd like to join our team, please visit the link below. Be as honest as possible. Note- applying does not guarantee you a position at FUSE Entertainment. https://goo.gl/forms/i8wmWBJbW7sSTv9f1 Thank you! Have a wonderful day. Please do not bother @TheWebCon, @Clockwork2002 or other FUSE Staff about the status of your application. For questions, please contact @TheWebCon.
  5. TomorrowVerse Theme Park closes on Sunday every weekend for routine maintenance and updates. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  6. FUSE ENTERTAINMENT- VENUE RULES & REGULATIONS By entering any FUSE property, park, or other venue, you agree to these rules. Failure to follow may result in a deny. To maintain a safe and enjoyable park wide experience, please follow these simple rules- NO FLYING. Do not enter closed/staff locations. Do not press W on any ride. If you think you are stuck, notify @TheWebCon or any other staff member on the server. Follow all staff instruction, even if they are being harsh. If you have complaints about a certain staff member or guest, notify @TheWebCon or @Clockwork2002. Stay seated on all rides. No weapons or banned items. Skulker boxes are prohibited (due to recent happenings). Do not walk on ceilings or roofs of attractions. No parkouring. Do not try to walk through the landscaping features, especially the birch trees at the back of the park at TomorrowVerse. We ask you to kindly refrain from entering the stage areas or tech booths of theatres. Do not ask to be added. If you want to help us create something awesome, then apply. Check the Applications post in Information. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding of these rules and hope they provide you with a more safe and enjoyable experience! *Note- Rules may be changed at any time. When rules are changed, the guests in the Club will be notified.
  7. TRON Lightcycle Power Run opens at 3:00 PM EST on January 4th, 2019.
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