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"If you had a fortune of Umpteen-Centrifugillion dollars, what would you do with it? Well rich old Uncle Scrooge has that much money." He dives around in it like a porpoise, and burrows through it like a gopher... He tosses it up and lets it hit him on the head. That's right, it is Scrooge McDuck! This club is for all you McDuck fans out there! This will be for Fans of Uncle $crooge, Ducktales 1987, and Ducktales 2017. You could even talk about Darkwing Duck!

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  2. cjh66

    Underrated Duck

    I can honestly say i have never watched it. I don't have any DVDs/VHSs of DD. It isn't on anything I have. *i.e. Hulu, Amazon Prime* I would love to watch it though...
  3. Tbh I love Darkwing Duck, I think he's really funny and under rated. Have any of you ever watched it? It's good and basically a spin off on Ducktales. LaunchPad is also in Darkwing duck. They do a tribute to it in the newer Ducktales when Launchpad plays Darkwing duck for the kids when they're stuck on a plane, I thought it was funny!
  4. Shhhh I am no where
  5. Hola! Very, Very Sorry that i have missed some weeks. So the almighty enderman that Meeps *aka moi* has decided to move it to once a week. So... erm... with that out of the way... LETS GET STARTED!!! Mad Tea Party The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: AAANNNDDD Main Street Vehicles! Hope you enjoyed! Random Cameo by @Ghoste! Make sure to leave suggestions/tips on how i can take better photos! Until then, o/
  6. Hello! Welcome back to CJ's #PalacePix! Today i move to the new format of Club Posts! Here we go: It's a Small World (/warp iasw) Jungle Cruise (/warp jc) Liberty Square Riverboat (/warp riverboat) And as suggested by @SuperPotatqx, Space Mountain! (/warp sm) Ty for reading! Make sure to leave suggestions on what i should take pictures of, 1 suggestion will be picked every day, note that if your suggestion didn't get picked next time, just keep trying, and you may end up having yours found in this series! Also if you have any tips on photo-taking, let me know! (You can also contact me through Discord DM's if you want) Have fun taking Palace Pix! o/
  7. This will list current staff. Note that this may change at any time Owner: cjh66 Leaders: Sprinkle, Chrisboy04, Canis18 If you want to apply, head over to https://forums.palace.network/forum/189-applications/
  8. cjh66

    How to Apply

    This club will need Moderators. Please copy this format out and fill it in at a topic in this section. 1. How many clubs are you Mod/Leader in? 2. When did you join? 3. Have you Read/Seen any Episodes of Uncle $crooge/Ducktales? 4. Do you own any Comics/Episodes? 5. How will you try to help the server? 6. Have you read the Moderator Rules? Note that Good Friends of mine/Sr. Mod+ Will get Leader/Mod auto.
  9. 1. Do not abuse your position. 2. Do not do things just to do them. 3. Follow Club Rules 4. If a Higher Rank then you tells you to do something, do it. -Scrooge McDuck, and cjh66
  10. These are very important. Please read all of them before posting. 1. All Palace Forums rules apply 2. Be friendly to everyone here. 3. Do not post something in the wrong place. (If it is on accident post in the place it should be and add (moved) in the title) 4. Have fun!!!

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