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Here I will be updating people on what's going on in the music industry! Feel free to have friendly discussions about albums, artists, songs, etc.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Zedd and Katy Perry have been hinting they are going to release their highly anticipated single '365'! They have leaked a demo of it as a way of promotion and it sounds amazing (DM on discord if you want it)! Will you guys be streaming it?
  3. neongravestcnes

    Artist of the week: Lady Gaga

    She's a great artist! One of my favorite songs from her is Edge of Glory. Another great song by her is Shallow with Bradley Cooper.
  4. Canis18

    Artist of the week: Lady Gaga

    She's good. I like Born this way. She's a great singer and has some powerful vocals.
  5. It is undeniable Gaga is a working FORCE, she's currently working on her highly anticipated 6th studio album after her critically acclaimed movie. She has 5 studio albums, and a Jazz album. There's no doubt shes one of the more versatile artist's this decade has seen. What is your favorite songs by her and what is your opinion on her?
  6. Mavly

    Thank you, next!

    Haha, it's really good! I'm listening too it right now at school
  7. Hello, let's talk about the highly anticipated 5th studio album by Ariana Grade! I personally loved it and think it's her best body of work. What is everyone else's thoughts?

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