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Want to know when a new event or update is announced on The Palace Network? Looks like you are in the right place. Welcome to Palace Network Updates and Events forums club! In this club you can expect not to miss a single update or event! We are the only club that keeps you updated about the Resource Pack! Any questions can be asked to any of our Club Staff Members! Have a great stay! NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PALACE NETWORK CLUB. EVENT INFORMATION ON HERE MAY BE INCORRECT OR INACCURATE.

Creative Plot ID

Play.Palace.Network 1.12.2 - 1.15.2!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. WDW Resource Pack v5.2.1 [+] Added Space Earth Ride Vehicle (by PanicAtTheJedi) [+] Added Resistance Pilot Helmet (by davidly__) [+] Added Riverboat (by Random) [+] Added Figment Minnie Ears (by DaisyLovato) [+] Added Sorcerer Mickey Minnie Ears (by DaisyLovato) [+] Added Shows and Tech Models (by Random)
  3. WDW Resource Pack v5.1.9 [+] Added Holocrons (by PanicAtTheJedi) [+] Added Dok Ondar (by Disneycraft) [+] Added Mandalorian Helmet (by thomas2718) [+] Updated the RotR ride model (by drewspence45)
  4. Be our guest and come and try the grey stuff at an another showing of Beauty and The Beast: Live On Stage at 4:00 PM EST!
  5. At 3:00 PM, experience going to Elsa's ice palace and meeting some friends there too! See you there!
  6. Enjoy the many things that this Seasonal and the scavenger hunt hidden in there as well!
  7. New Attraction Polar Express has opened in the Winter Village in Seasonal! Have fun riding it!
  8. @NoloTheRolo - Guide @PhilteredMusic - Tech Coordinator Congratulations to both to you! (and also congratulations for me to being active on the club again aha)
  9. WDW Resource Pack v5.1.8 [+] Added Test Track Model (by Lateamy) [+] Added GE Gonk Droids (by Dman1254) [+] Added Christmas Santa Belt Hat (by Dman1254) [+] Updated for the Holidays
  10. Come dine with Tiana at friends for a Thanksgiving dinner at Thanksgiving at Tiana's Palace! We hope to see you there!
  11. WDW Resource Pack v5.1.7 [+] Walt Disney's Frozen Head (by @BGannon) (nice) [+] Added Frozen Ever After Boat (by @davidly__) [+] Added Red Star Wars Droid (by @davidly__) [+] Added Green Lightsaber (by @davidly__) [+] Updated Cruz (by @thomas2718) [+] Updated Move It Shake It Floats (by @Cubits)
  12. [+] @Foxes_Rule - Build Trainee (nice) [+] @Chow__Time - Build Trainee [+] @_trisarahtops_ - Events Coordinator [+] @sofieology - Events Coordinator [+] @WowItsCow - GR Moderator (nice) Congrats to you guys!
  13. [+] @IntAMYn - Tech Trainee [+] @Ruairiw8 - Tech Trainee [+] @Beau - Parks Lead (pog) Congrats to the three of you!
  14. 100 members have now been hit! Thanks to everyone who kept up with us through these 7 months and 24 days! (also, road to most members on clubs! pog! pog!)
  15. Anniversary Decorations For the 4th anniversary they put decorations all around The Magic Kingdom! Be sure to see them before they are gone next week! (There's also a new ending to Happily Ever After which is going away by the end of this month!)
  16. [+] @Mr_Whippy__ - Tech Trainee Media Team: [+] @Huxleigh - Media Team [+] @BrianMaz9 - Media Team
  17. [+] Color Floor Created by @PupThunder, @Cubits, and @Dacostabro. [+] TNT Run Created by: @WILLINGWINGS81, @ActualFacts, and @RocknRocco. (10/10 good games)
  18. New Staff: @brino - Guide @boumic05 - Moderator Melon_Man - Build Trainee @KepArlie - Builder
  19. New Attraction: The RRC Tour! Learn all about the ride and how it operates. Designed by: @ActualFacts /warp rrctour
  20. Minor Updates: [+] Added Big Thunder Mountain safety spiel. [+] Updated Big Thunder Mountain speed. (It's faster now!) [+] Mission Space Leaderboard is back! [+] Some things for staff such as newly designed show start rooms. [+] TTC has audio. [+] Starlight Cafe has audio. [+] Re-added costume displays to Emporium

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