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Welcome to Palace Network Updates and Events! Here you can expect - Events, announcements and updates information, Resource pack updates, Club updates and announcements and a safe community with over 125 members! Please be aware that this is not an official Palace Network club. Some information may be incorrect or inaccurate.

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Connect to Play.Palace.Network on any version between 1.12 - 1.16 to relive the magic!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. 1) Is my rank permanent? If you buy Passholder, Premier Passport, DVC or Club 33 these will be permanent but if you buy Shareholder you will have to pay monthly. 2) Why should I buy a rank? You don't need a rank to explore and have fun on the server! By buying a rank it shows us that you care and helps support and keep the server running! 3) How much are the ranks? Shareholder - $10 a month. Club 33 - $50. DVC - $30. Premier Passport - $20. Passholder - $10. 4) What perks will I get? PASSHOLDER PERKS: VIP Seat
  3. The development team is expanding, but not as you'd think. Similar to the Intern Program, you can now apply to join our Jr. Developer Program. What is the Jr. Developer Program? The Jr. Developer Program is aimed at those with some knowledge into programming and wanting to get more into it. This will allow you to learn more about how we operate at Palace and how most large organisations operate. You'll be working primarily on group projects using Git and working with the team to make cool stuff! How do I apply? To apply, run /apply when on the server!
  4. Calling all future Imagineers and those who want to learn how to become a part of the Shows and Technician team of Palace: Introducing the Intern Program! The Intern Program is a new initiative developed by the Technician Team to get more guests and staff interested in what we do! This hands-on program is designed to teach you how to use the same tools our team uses to create the shows and attractions you see on Palace. What will I do as an Intern? As an Intern, you will be able to attend workshops taught by our staff members that will advance your understanding an
  5. Rank changes: Director - Executive. Manager - Manager. Lead - Lead. Developer - Developer. Coordinator - Coordinator. Moderator / Media - Cast Member. Technician / Builder - Imagineer. Special Guest - VIP / Influencer. Shareholder - Shareholder. Honorable - Club 33. Majestic - DVC. Noble - Premier Passport. Dweller - Passholder. Settler - Guest. Store changes: Shareholder - $10 a month. Club 33 - $50. DVC - $30. Premier Passport - $20. Passholder - $10. Others: Brand n
  6. Welcome to Palace Network Updates and Events! What does this club offer? Events, announcements and updates information. Resource pack updates. Club updates and announcements. A safe community with over 125 members! Found an issue? Got a question? Make sure you let us know! Message a member of the club staff team. Please be aware that this is not an official Palace Network club. Some information may be incorrect or inaccurate.
  7. Winnie the Pooh and all his friends have invited you to come along to this very sweet event. Join us for An Afternoon in the Hundred Acre Woods event on Saturday, April 10th at 2PM EST for lots of hunny! See you there!
  8. [+] Added Paint the Night Floats (by HannAurorah and Becks322) [+] Added Mission Breakout Vehicle (by davidly__) [+] Added Marvel Cosmetics (by DaisyMaximoff) [+] Added Pixar Cosmetics (by DaisyMaximoff, davidly__, BGannon, Random, PanicAtTheJedi, CowboyDman1254 and thomas2718) Versions 1.12-1.15 available!
  9. WDW Resource Pack v5.2.1 [+] Added Space Earth Ride Vehicle (by PanicAtTheJedi) [+] Added Resistance Pilot Helmet (by davidly__) [+] Added Riverboat (by Random) [+] Added Figment Minnie Ears (by DaisyLovato) [+] Added Sorcerer Mickey Minnie Ears (by DaisyLovato) [+] Added Shows and Tech Models (by Random)
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