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    Well, start over from 1!
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  4. The signature "expired" message won't go away

    Yeah this happens to me too, but with tpa requests. It only happens if I have more than 1 request.
  5. Best Disney Meme?

    I don't get it?
  6. Best Disney Meme?

    Seriously I need an answer!?!
  7. Counting

    @skrhak4, Sorry! Castle!
  8. Palace Forecast - April 23rd 2018

    This week's forecast: - The Avengers have taken over palace! Come join us for fun events throughout the week! - Spring Seasonal is now open! Come check it out next time your on the server! - Congrats to the Orange team for winning the Marvel build off! - Thanks to everyone for playing our egg hunt! The winners this year are TheDisneyGeek, SavannahJayden and WilliamVsGaming! - Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by Super_lego_13 and Disquick! Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative!
  9. The signature "expired" message won't go away

    Never mind, I relogged and it fixed
  10. The message that says that my "Signature Request Expired" won't go away even though he signed my book twice.
  11. Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone's Monday is going great :D (also thank you to @SurvivalSam for helping me figure out the status updates xD) 

    1. SurvivalSam


      Anytime :). Also, my Monday's great! Thanks for asking!

  12. Forum Bug

    Ah ok, got it, thank you!
  13. Thoughts on Winnie The Pooh

    I remember loving it from my childhood. My favorite iteration is the Heffalump movie!
  14. Very Happy for becoming a Dweller! I love helping out the server!! <3

  15. Thoughts on Winnie The Pooh

    This is on your thoughts on a classic Disney film The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Honestly, I like it how it gives you a childhood feeling, like having a cuddly friend to play with. I also like it how the characters have such great personality like tigger, who has a great feeling about bouncing around.
  16. Splash Mountain Error

    Changed Status to Fixed
  17. Happy Monday! (I hate Mondays!!!) here is your daily quote! :D 


    images (1).jpg

  18. Congrats to anyone who got to the stage of Staff/Character Interview. If you didn't. I hope you keep trying and you'll get it soon. <3 Believe the Peach ,w,




    Please :,D

  19. Hey Scan! I can't message staff or other players VIA their profile I get this message " You are only allowed to send 0 messages a day. Please try again later. Any tips?


    1. SurvivalSam


      @RossThat's not active right now due to it not being able to be moderated.

  20. Forum Bug

    Another thing to add is that if you're on mobile, you might need to tilt your device into "landscape" position to see status update posts
  21. You're gonna beat me as top member...

    1. SurvivalSam
    2. ScanWorks



      Thank you! Same to you!

  22. Ready for Marvel takeover with my Spiderman costume!


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