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  5. I have posted 902 times on the forums, wow!

  6. ScanWorks

    MK Suggestion

    Hello @CAGagle! I love the idea of the game! I've seen it on some videos, and it seems really fun!
  7. MOAR NEWZ: So while it's not 100% confirmed yet me and my parents have been talking about going to Mickey's not so scary halloween party on September 11th (Yeah I know that's a sensitive date but that's the earliest we can go as of right now.) The current plan involves staying at the All star movies resort (It will be my first time staying on disney property since 2005 :O) and arriving early so we can hang out at disney springs for an hour or so. Then we will hang out and explore the hotel for a while until about 3:30 PM because the halloween party guests are usually let in about 4:00 PM or so and enjoy the party spend the night and head back the next day! (I live like 2 hours away so it's not a very long journey to get there XD.) The only thing that's not entirely confirmed is the date we're about 60% sure about that date as of right now.

    1. ScanWorks



      Have fun if you go! I've been to one of the parties before, and it's amazing! Enjoy!

  8. CAGagle

    MK Suggestion

    Hello, I have a suggestion for something to add to Magic Kingdom, in the firehouse, you should have Sorcerers of the magic kingdom, and implement a card trading system, so players can collect them all. I have played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in Disney world, and it was so fun, and I think it would be cool to have them on here. Ideas: Have a section where you can claim a certain amount of cards for free every 24h, have some way of actually playing the game would be awesome, but might be a stretch. but being able to trade with other players would be fun. I think it should be 1 random card every day, and you can get duplicates. Disney currently has 70 of the cards to collect (plus event cards)
  9. zacharym1422


    That would be awesome seeing them light up! Great idea!
  10. I see some people posting about getting through their first week of school, while I’m just out here enjoying the last 2 weeks of my summer break. So good luck to everybody whose already going to school.

    1. POVGamer


      I feel the same way.

    2. ScanWorks



      I start Monday. Summer flies by fast.

  11. I am honestly so excited for Tim Burton’s Dumbo next year...

    Me running to the theatre on priemere day: 


    1. POVGamer


      It's gonna be so good.

    2. ChickenGirl19


      Honestly same

    3. ScanWorks



      It's going to be really good!

  12. Will be out of town until Sunday starting tomorrow. See you guys Sunday!

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    2. LuigiFan0001


      Nooo! I hope to see you real soon..



    3. colefb9



      See you Sunday!

    4. POVGamer



      Sad to see you go for so long. See you Sunday! xD

  13. Yesterday
  14. ScanWorks

    I Can't See!

    @Maddimew, It does that to me also. For bug reports, you can report them in the "Bug Tracker" section of the forums. It is next to the "Open Application" tab.
  15. Maddimew

    I Can't See!

    I know Scan but what I am saying is everything goes out and it is just minecraft sky
  16. CotW will be back on track tomorrow. My apologies for this time of <3 

  17. JackThePotato

    DCL is returning!

    Captain JackThePotato reporting for duty!
  18. Thank you for 500 likes everyone! This is amazing!

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    2. ScanWorks
    3. colefb9



      Congrats! You deserved it!

    4. SmileyGamerGirl


      Congrats! That's amazing! You deserve it!

  19. ScanWorks

    Birthday Present

    Hello @BennettDisneyFan! This sounds like a very good idea! Just the personal information would be given out which we don't want. Love the idea though!
  20. ScanWorks

    I Can't See!

    Hello @Maddimew! For Stitches Great Escape, you get blindness for some parts because in real life the lights go out and you can't see a thing for a few seconds.
  21. ScanWorks

    Palace Minigame night

    Hello @SuperPotato711! Love the idea! The only problem would be that we would need to update the mini games, and also, we need to keep it running if we would want to do it on another server or realm.
  22. Maddimew

    I Can't See!

    Is it really annoying when you are watching wishes or something Everything turns minecraft sky color and you have to move your screen to fix it? I think it is! So maybe you can fix that?? I was watching stitch's great escape and it did that TWICE, you really need to fix that. Fixing this would make shows and some rides better! Please fix this!
  23. Maddimew

    Birthday Present

    The thing is people do not want to share their birthdays, That is because it is personal information. Nice idea though
  24. Maddimew

    Palace Minigame night

    Nice idea, The only thing is Hypixel says could either be copyrighted and/or server advertising But It is a nice idea and I would love it thanks for sharing!
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