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  2. New Posting Schedule on my Account: One New Post Every day! The previous one being today, stay TOONED for tommorow! :wink:

  3. This is not a drill: please beware that some might be questioning why there was 238 people on Palace yesterday, reason is because of a bot raid. Staff are trying to solve it and who did it


                       Yours sincerely   -PorkyPenguin

  4. Today
  5. Sorry I haven't been on much. Been into Roblox recently. :) 

  6. @Gooby Please message me on Discord so we can chat about it. Vidsify#2454
  7. Of course! Ill finish the others today, if you have anything specific you want me to do just lemme know
  8. MagicA550


    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Looks awesome! Would you let us use these @Gooby?
  10. I at spring break... Wont be around much.

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    2. Sprinkle


      Lucky @cjh66. My spring doesn’t start until March 31.

    3. Mavly


      Have funnnnn!

    4. SuperPotatqx


      Lucky! My spring break just ended :( 

  11. What should I do for my homework period.. Hm..

    1. xFqdedMemory


      Definitely don’t do your homework

  12. We love morning math.

    sigh GIF

  13. The second picture is prettier in my opinion.
  14. Thank you for 9,000 views everyone on my profile page! Almost to 10,000!

  15. exams all week... wish me luck - i’m seriously gonna need it sksks :S

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    2. ScanWorks
    3. Mavly


      Good luck!

    4. xErinn


      exams sure do suck hahah, and thank you all! :ba:

  16. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I’m busy this week (All my AP classes are testing to prepare for the standardized tests in May, plus I’ve got musical practice, jazz band and also blood drive this week @[email protected])

    so I will not be on probably until Friday. Saturday is my first Jazz performance as well!

    Ive got a full plate this week, so any luck will be gladly received :wink:

    thank you guys so much for being understanding and just wonderful people in general~!

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