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  3. I personally prefer Gringotts because it’s more of a coaster! I like thrill rides, so it wins for me! But what do you guys prefer? Gringotts or Forbidden Journey?
  4. Aqua_Tem

    Favorite Rides At USO

    The Incredible Hulk has gotta be my absolute favorite, the way the music works with the ride is amazing, and I just happen to be a roller coaster lover!
  5. Aqua_Tem

    hOI everyone!

    Well, thank you Scan! I’m not new to the parks, as I had played on McMagic a while back but I am new to the Forums!
  6. statawesomeguy

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Coolcommando38 My sans song IS good!
  7. Good news! My foot isn't fractured which is good. It's just bruised.

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    2. Mavly


      Hope it heals quick!

    3. Mavly


      Hope it heals quick!

    4. davidzoo


      Hope it goes away! :)


  8. A Day Like this,  So Unique And so same day would compare. I even Felt like King then xD Happy Saturday Eve!


  9. Magical_Catz

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    Sum up ADventureland in one word? Impossible! ADventureland is an amazing original creation spearheaded by the one and only, talented and incredible davidzoo! This park has a uniqueness that will never expire. Each corner you turn has little details, from the shops in Downtown ADL, to the pavement all around the park. You won't want to miss out on this amazing creation! Make sure to visit next time you go onto creative at /plotwarp adventureland! You won't want to miss it!
  10. davidzoo

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban SuperPotatqx You neither
  11. Hey guys how is everyone


    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @PeachMKP!

      I'm amazing! How are you?

  12. skrhak4

    Staff’s birthday

    Thanks Scan
  13. ScanWorks

    hOI everyone!

    Hello @Aqua_Tem! Amazing introduction! Haunted Mansion is an amazing ride! Welcome to the forums, and see you in the parks!
  14. ScanWorks

    Staff’s birthday

    Hello @skrhak4! Love the list!
  15. davidzoo

    ADventureLand's #BetterADL

    We are Soo Exicited about FutureLand Opening this Sunday! So we might share a photo Or Two More Info Soon
  16. Yesterday
  17. Meet Merida at /warp fg
  18. Guys, GO LIKE THE EGG

  19. I wonder what has the most reactions... hmmm

  20. Can we get this Palace Network Egg to 100 likes?? We can do this


  21. Happy Friday! You guys are all amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. skrhak4

    Staff’s birthday

    Hi Guys! I had a google docs but it wasn’t working so I’ll put it in here! Here we go! Today as of January 18, it is Cowdestroyer1313’s birthday, Happy Birthday! January 2 - YourSwiftlySalad January 6 - Lans_Bolsa January 18 - CowDestroyer1313 February 3 - ChickenGirl19 February 4 - POVGamer February 7 - Ulyk February 11 - limegreenicy February 13 - cheetah213 February 19 - BGannon February 19 - egamer25 March 16 -XtraFreckle April 13 - Xefraccil April 15 - MrFirespark April 17 - ScanWorks April 19 - Canis18 April 29 - ClassyHusky May 5 - SincoGames May 7 - xErinn May 8 - zacharym1422 May 9 - JackThePotato May 16 -ekam May 18 - ItzAMePepiii May 23 - Pooch0579 June 3 - JavaLikesAgua June 18 - OhCon June 28 - ItzJustLauren July 19 - JustPlatinum July 22 -owils July 29 - thepartyboy376 August 13 - Legobuildeor0813 August 17 - TwentyOneTinks September 13 - Sock_Sowachowski September 14 - 789limer September 24 - Ghoste September 24 - GhostHost September 29 - MagicA550 October 5 - kate_forever23 October 12 -JustinsWorld4U October 18 - DisQuick October 31 - FluffyTheCat November 8 - RossDuffy November 15 -Broadwayss November 28 - Vidsify December 9 - TheRandomPerson2 December 13 - Brant December 19 - SmileyGamerGirl December 20 - SnancakesNate December 22 - ThePilotGamer December 30 - Thor_Jensen
  23. DobbyDaFreeElf__

    One Word Story

  24. Hoot_Loop

    One Word Story

  25. SuperPotatqx

    One Word Story

  26. SuperPotatqx

    Name ANYTHING Disney Related!

    W: Walt Disney
  27. SuperPotatqx

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban princerisk you Ain’t Gucci either
  28. Canis18

    CamShea says Hey!

    Belated Welcome to the forums! I love both of those rides! ^-^
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