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  2. ScanWorks

    Travel Day/Plans for Trip

    Hello @SuperPotatqx! Hope you had fun at the parks!
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  4. 9 more sleeps until Christmas! I don't know if I'm sad or happy! In 10 sleeps it's all over :(! But in 9 sleeps I get gifts :) But In 10 Sleeps no more Christmas until 355 sleeps.. But 9 sleeps left until the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

    1. ItzPolarBear


      :0 CWISTMASSSSSS?!?!?! :0 

  5. Joshmc_


    @ItzPolarBear Nice to meet you!
  6. 2F0EA83D-3AD0-4E01-9D63-3FE683A57173.thumb.jpeg.a3907d3c9259be5c89fac81f77a280d2.jpeg 

    I finally got snow, I’m so happy!

    1. Joshmc_



    2. PrinceRisk


      Lucky bc i have never seen snow bc we don't usually get snow here.

  7. Heyo! I decided to do the little posts about my trip after it. I couldn't bring my laptop, so I would feel a lot better typing on it instead of a small IPhone with a very small screen and very small keyboard. Anyway, I will be posting one of these every day this next week to kind of recap my trip. I may not remember every single detail, but I will remember most of them. Anyways, so, lets begin!! First, our schedule was, Sunday was our travel day. Monday Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Tuesday Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP), Wednesday Animal Kingdom, a small break and then Magic Kingdom's Extra Magic Hours (EMH), Thursday Hollywood Studios and Epcot, Friday Magic Kingdom morning EMH, and Epcot, and then Saturday Disney Springs and traveling home. Now it is time to talk about our fastpasses. I don't remember these that well, so I will just tell you the big one for each day. Monday was Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC), Tuesday Space Mountain (SM), Wednesday Flight of Passage, Thursday Slinky Dog Dash, and Friday Soarin. Ok, so I had a piano recital on Sunday, so we left right after it. Then, we ate McDonalds for dinner, (tasty right?) and then we drove until we made a pit stop. I got Cheetos and Sprite (I'm not lit enough for Doritos), and then we drove all the way until we got to our hotel, Pop Century. We checked in, and I believe we stayed in the 80s or 90s section. Anyway, we unpacked, and I started decorating the window for Christmas. Then I went right to sleep. I'm sorry my first newsletter was a little short. I mean, we didn't do much on our first day. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my first one. Tomorrow will be about our first park day, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. -SuperPotatqx
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  9. VintageBrooklyn

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Al (Toy Story 2)
  10. ScanWorks


    Hello @ItzPolarBear! Amazing introduction! Thank you for donating to Dweller! See you in the parks!
  11. I’m back everyone! 10 days until Christmas! <3

    1. ItzAMePepiii


      Welcome back, @SweetHoneyTea_! It's great to have you back in the community!

    2. ScanWorks
  12. ItzPolarBear


    Hiya! I Am A Player On Palace! If You Ever Join Palace (or are new) I Will Always Be Happy To Show You Around I Am Probably Going To Be One Of The First Players You Find On Palace If You Ever Need Any Help, I'm Normally On Creative! If You Cannot Find Me Party Me And Do /p warp I Recently Got Dweller, And I Was Previously A Settler! Here Is Some Stuff You May Have Not Known About Me! My Favourite Movie, Is The Polar Express I'm On Palace A lot *cough* 100% Most Underatted Server Ever lol *cough* I Own My Own Park With The Max Staff XD Some Day I Would Like To Join The Palace Staff Team I Like To Make People's Days My Birthday Is December 15! *lol I'm making this on my birthday* My Favourite Colour Rank Is Noble I'm Quite Fast At Building And Typing I Can Go On And On About games, and Disney. Here Is Some Other Info That Does Not Matter, But I Feel Like I Should Tell You XD : I've Been To DLR 1 Time (Maybe More I Don't Remember XD) I've Been To WDW A lot I Can't Remember A lot Of People Will Not Know This and you never will... Why I Named My Username ItzPolarBear XD I Hope You All Enjoyed My Intro! I Hope To See You All Around
  13. Ghoste

    Week 3

    Hey guys! I've decided to move the end date to next Saturday (December 22), and since I've noticed that this may be a hard one (which is my bad) I am going to give two hints out to the people who ask in direct messages. All you have to do is give me the list of the words you've already found so I know and then I'll give you two words and where they are! Sorry that this may be hard, however good luck!
  14. Hey everyone!

    Been a while since I have done a status update! How you all doing? I'm sure you're all extremely excited for Christmas, as am I!

    So some of you may or may not know that I have a huge passion for animals- and currently studying full time to become a Zoo Keeper! I am going to start a daily/weekly post on my status talking about different animals that you'd typically see in a zoo setting with some interesting facts that you may already know, and some you may not know!

    If you want me to do some specific animals, then please do let me know at the end of this status post- and apologise for this being rather lengthy!


    I hope you all are well and see you on Palace soon!
    The holidays are coming,,,

    1. ItzPolarBear


      its my birthday... SO OF COURSE ITS AMAZING! :D 

  15. A TIIIINNYY Question @Vidsify, Will My Rank Change To Dweller? Because I Purchased It And It's In-Game But Not On The Forums! XD

    1. Vidsify


      It should do. May take some time to sync

    2. ItzPolarBear


      @Vidsify OOP Just Had To Relink It Sorry! XD

    3. Vidsify


      You're fine. Any issues let me know :)

  16. Ok guys! According to my Advent Calendar, Christmas is in 10 days.

    1. Joshmc_




  17. I'm Kinda Having Some Troubles Connecting To The Network... I Can Get To The Hub, But Not On Any Of The Other Servers.

    1. JustPlatinum


      Hmm, should be able to. Try /join and select any of the servers again.

    2. ItzPolarBear
  18. Just realized I won the day on December 12th! Thanks everyone! <3 

    1. Soniccc


      CONGRATS! Yayayaya!

  19. Chrisboy04

    Meep Movie Studios.

    Here is a new (updated) map showing some progress on our outlining. Stay tuned for more updates.
  20. ScanWorks


    Star Tours!
  21. ScanWorks

    Disney Movie Game

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