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  4. I am so jealous that you live so close to Broadway! I loved it when I visited a few years ago! Hopefully, see you on the stage someday!
  5. Studying today with @Pink_RoseBud in Uni... Please send positive thoughts and food ❤️

    1. Pink_RoseBud


      Let's just say, i'll be super happy when exams are over next week! :rose:

  6. patrick star GIF

    good morning Krusty Krew

  7. When you have 5 days until you can change your MC Username... :| 

  8. I'd have to say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical!
  9. Shea there, Jack! Lovely updated introduction! I love working with you on the staff team! See you around!
  10. Contrary to popular belief, I am alive. :p

    1. PorkyPenguin



    2. CamShea


      This fails to please the CamShea.

  11. play.palace.network

    Also, excuse my pfp lol 


  12. I’m obsessed watching these things. The backyardigans.. save me xD




    1. SuperPotatqx


      i mean, i watched peppa pig for a bit. don't worry, you're not weird =) 

  13. Yesterday
  14. Thanks for 400 rep!

  15. I uhh think I may have accidentally kinda uhh broke my hand at a volleyball game... it hurts to even move my wrist. 

    1. JordynDaSpahget


      Oh no! Hope you get better D:

    2. Aquaticalo


      That's not good, how are you going to hold your record on SDD! Hope you feel better soon! 

    3. egamer25


      Oh no hope you get better soon.


  16. Thanks for 250 rep everyone! :rose:

    1. Aquaticalo


      Thank you for being a active part of the palace community!

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      Awh that's so sweet to say, thank you @Aquaticalo ! :ba:

  17. I have so many King Kong ,the lion king, Tarzan ,Frozen, Shrek , Aladdin Newies , The Little Mearmid Wicked and much more
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