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  2. Big congrats to Daisy on SG for an hour...


    It took 10k rides on slonkeh dug dish but she did it.


    Congrats again ❤️ 2019-10-20_21_49_31.thumb.png.2a543e1fd2d0f3083012abf0c1f9a253.png

    1. Daisy






  3. i became sg for an hour


    1. Jordyn


      AAAAA it was so much fun


      congrats even it was just for an hour


      you deserved it o-o

  4. Yesterday
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    • m2019-10-20_17_14_41.thumb.png.42ee5e4cc81f0eced72134515f7db31c.png
    1. Daisy



      also im bout to get on ze server

    2. Jordyn
  5. Probaly won't be there due to vacation but enjoy everyone!
  6. Howdy @JerrisonGamer95, I'd definitely have to pick Magic Kingdom, however I can't wait to see what Disney has in stock for Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios!
  7. i may or may not have fallen asleep on the floor


    what am i doing

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    2. PanicAtTheJedi


      im so proud of you jordyehn

    3. Daisy


      i have proof


    4. Jordyn


      ah yes


      what a beautiful sight

  8. Aloha! I would have to go with Magic Kingdom! As much as I do love Hollywood Studios and its Star Wars aspects - I love a good tradtition of seeing the castle with a cake pop in one hand and a camera in the other! Pink~
  9. It's going to be so great! It's my favorite party of the year. I'll be there on Sunday!
  10. Come come foolish mortals, it is that spook-tacular time of year when we host Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Join us this coming weekend for some trick or treating, villain meet and greets and the Boo to You halloween parade. Come along on any of the following dates: Friday the 25th of October, 6:00PM to 9:00PM EST. Saturday the 26th of October, 1:00PM to 4:00PM EST. Sunday the 27th of October, 1:00PM to 4:00PM EST. Comment below and let us know if you're attending the party and wearing a spooky costume! Attendees will also receive a shiny new award on our forums so make sure you come along to one of our select nights!
  11. Love this game! My red character is Anger! ❤️
  12. I love this idea! So cute! My character that wears read is... Lighting McQueen!!
  13. Aloha friends! I'm missing some forum fun games - so here is a new one! It's very simple and practically endless. There will be a new color topic updated every month, and you have to reply and name as many Disney characters that are/wear that color! Rules: Stick to 1 character per post every 24 hours. Try not to name the same character as someone else - let's see how many we can get! Our first color is red and i'll start us all off: Sebastian from the Little Mermaid!
  14. Hi! Im Addybacca :) I've played MC Magic since I believe 2015 or 2016! I love seeing new people join the server for the first time, not knowing how fun it is. 

    1. Pink_RoseBud


      Welcome back to the server!

    2. Mavly


      Welcome back, ❤️

  15. my current mood


    1. Jordyn
    2. TheJungleGeek
    3. Mavly


      My current mood; chicken nuggets.

  16. I just bought Dweller, even know it is cheap! I am glad to contribute to the Palace Network!

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    2. Pink_RoseBud


      Congratulations @JohnnyGamezYT on your shiny new Dweller rank! Thank you for contributing to Palace! :ba:

    3. ScanWorks


      Thank you for donating, @JohnnyGamezYT!

    4. Mavly
  17. did you ever sacrifice your most beloved items to tropical storm nestor


    because if not...


    that explains why you aren't online. 

    1. Jordyn



      nestor bullied my internet all day


      i literally couldn't do anything on my computer


      so guess i'll have to sacrifice next time o-o

    2. TheJungleGeek
    3. Mavly
  18. We all have three minutes to live, but every time we breathe it resets the clock. :hypnosis:

  19. It's Sunday.. and I have an assignment due!! Oh noes..

    1. Mavly


      Uh oh! Get it done! :)

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      Got it done @Mavly - with time for tea too! 

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