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  1. Yesterday
  2. Let's have a good weekend! 

  3. ZoomBoom124

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban cjh66 For caring so much about numbers
  4. ZoomBoom124

    Favorite Disney Movie

    For me Zootopia, Mulan, or Wreck It Ralph.
  5. ZoomBoom124

    Which Disney Sequels were good?

    For me the best Disney Sequels are Toy Story 2, Lion King 1.5, The MCU, and Tarzan 2. (Shocking, but I like Tarzan 2 because nostalgia.)
  6. ZoomBoom124

    What Disney films are you looking forward to this year?

    Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Oh and all the Marvel movies. Sorry I'm not a fan of the Disney Remakes.
  7. ThePilotGamer

    THEPILOTGAMER IS AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Hey Gucci Josh
  8. Joshmc_

    THEPILOTGAMER IS AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    What's up gucci Pilot? @ThePilotGamer
  9. What's up gucci gang it's your boy and orca lover Pilot here. Here's my introduction: I'm Pilot, and I've played Palace since January 2016, back when it was MCMagic, I become a Mod on January 2018! I LOVEEEE SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal! My favourite animals are orcas! I live in England, United Kingdom. I own SeaWorld Palace, a SeaWorld dedicated company on the Creative server! My BFF is @Joshmc_ and my queen is @Peanut_TheDog ;p See you on the server!
  10. Lovely introduction!
  11. Joshmc_

    New Emojis?

    My favs the heart
  12. Aww thats so sweet
  13. BSLG2802

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban Davidzoo for banning daddygeesh for talking about bans when your banning him so that means you talking about bans so your banning someone for the exact same thing you are doing
  14. So I know we all are different people with different tastes, but what's everyones favorite song(s)? I'm currently really into Ariana's New Albums so basically any song from that except 7 rings xD

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    2. ZoomBoom124


      Linkin Park - Numb

    3. nateexcx


      365 by Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves 

    4. xFqdedMemory


      I really love Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish and Boy in the Bubble by Alec Benjamin! (And of course Africa by Toto haha)

  15. Thank you BSLG! You’re a great friend too!
  16. I thought this was so cute so here you go!!!!


    1. BSLG2802




  17. I joined palace in 2018 around October time and since then I've made tones of friends with people who had more experience than me and been on longer than me, I'm going to name those amazing people and tell you why you should be friends with them! Whitbit0219- whitbit is one of my best friends! she's smart kind and funny! if you ever need help you can ask her. she can always help you feel better if you are feeling down that's why you should make friends with her. itzamepuggo- puggo is one of my best friends too! he has helped me with tones of stuff and he is smart kind a funny too! you should make friends with puggo if you want to laugh a lot! I have so many more friends! that you should make friends with but ill leave it at that. I hope I can stay friends with them forever and I hope that you can become friends with them too
  18. davidzoo

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban DaddyGeesh for Talking about bans
  19. Woo free class because I finished all the work last time!!

  20. DaddyGeesh

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban cjh66 because this is the 3rd time i've had to ban you Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  21. *sigh* i don't even know whats at Disney anymore have not gone since I was five. Actually, I've only been to MK and the AK hotel (i didn't stay in it) So I've never seen Epcot, Hollywood Studios, all the water parks at Disney (I've lost count) and I've seen no part of Universal. I've only seen those on vlogs... Pick up litter, save a life -DaddyGeesh
  22. My head hurts...


    All i can do rn :| 

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    2. SuperPotatqx


      Ik but it still hurts??

    3. cjh66


      Yep... Should not have tried to destroy that wall...

    4. davidzoo
  23. ItzPolarBear

    Introduce yourself!

    I'm not LGBTQ. I just joined because I know people who are!
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