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  2. Thank you so much for getting me 5 followers! It means a lot to me! 😀

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  4. it's below freezing outside.

  5. 🎄


    1. Jordyn



    2. Daisy
    3. AphGabemikuMc1


      Very amazing and beautiful!😀💖

  6. what do yall think of disney+ ?

    1. Geek


      love it

    2. AphGabemikuMc1


      Very interesting and amazing Disney+ is great🙂

    3. Daisy


      it's great

  7. Disney + is out & of course my account doesnt work. Called and was on hold for 2 1/2 hrs. WHen i got on the phone, a bot said that they were having technical difficulties and immediately hung up on me rip

    1. Geek


      big oof

  8. What a perfect day to have a snow day. I get to enjoy Disney Plus in all of its glory!beauty and the beast snow GIF


  10. Thanks for bumping my reputation up from Average to Good. It's small but it does mean a lot ❤️

  11. hola mi amigos

  12. /ban techwolves for using the wrong version of "too"
  13. /ban jordyn im to broke to be able to be able to buy it
  14. Welp i lost the Sorcerer's hat from the old McMagic days that i found, i had a backup one in my backpack but put the wrong one on my head and now my backpack got reset for the third time :/ so rip all the new gifts.275729483_ScreenShot2019-11-09at11_53_18PM.thumb.png.5246bde18292ce668760d092fbc2c074.png218149222_ScreenShot2019-11-09at11_54_06PM.thumb.png.d7b372c557e36505d115d42440579af7.png

  15. /ban techwolves for not buying themselves honorable
  16. Yesterday
  17. This is late, but congratulations to Palace! I've been working here since 2015, and have loved the community ever since!
  18. Thanks to everyone who donated to Shareholder! It means a lot to us! Enjoy the awesome perks you guys can use!

  19. I'd like to extend a personal note of thanks to all those who have recently joined our brand new Shareholder program! It means so much to me to see other players who are so dedicated to the server. I look forward to flying around with you soon!

    If you'd like more information about this program, check out https://store.palace.network/

  20. Woohoo! Upgraded to Shareholder and so happy to see Palace have grown in the last 3 years! Here's to the next 3!

  21. Apologies for not being around much recently. Work has been extremely busy but I'll be back soon!

  22. Been apart of the Staff Team since 2017 and apart of the Administration Team since 2018. Can't believe Palace is 3 already. We've achieved a lot as a community and a lot more is in the planning and development process. Here's to many more years of a great and friendly community!
  23. Yes, it is!! Hi everyone, I think that it is finally time for me to make a staff introduction. ☺️ I have been a mod here for a couple months now and I’ve been having the most amazing time getting to know all of you and learning how to help you all have the best time on Palace. I absolutely love talking with all my Palace friends, and if you ever want to chat feel free to message me, promise I won’t swim away!! (Get it cause of the mermaid in mermaidcat okay I think you got it!!) I thought that I would share some of my favorite things so you can get to know me better! Favorite... Color: Blue Food: Sushi! Especially cucumber and avocado rolls, yum! Sport: Volleyball (been playing for 6 years and counting!) Animals: Belugas, otters, and lions (I LOVE animals!) Aaaand now my Disney Favorites! Princesses: Rapunzel and Ariel Park: Animal Kingdom Sidekick: Mushu and Olaf Movies: Princess and the Frog, Hercules, Tangled, Emperor’s New Groove, Lion King, Little Mermaid and so many more, I really love Disney movies so much! Songs: I See the Light (Tangled), Almost There (Princess and the Frog), and A Whole New World (Aladdin) Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I’d love to answer them! P.S: If you see me on the server and you’re in need of a snack, feel free to ask me for a churro!! Guarantee I won’t let you down, they are my favorite!
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