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New Forum Suggestions and Ideas

Suggest new Forum ideas here!

How to use this subforum

Have an idea for a new forum you'd like us to add? Post a topic here! In your post, make sure you:

  • Give a title for your forum
  • Describe what would be discussed in it
  • Where it would go (underneath Palace Network, subforum of Disney Movies, new category, etc.)

In order for us to create a new forum we have to make sure there's enough interest and that it would get used enough. Here are the requirements for us to add a new forum:

  • To make a suggestion, you need at least 10 posts on our forums in general. (This prevents spam!)
  • Topics should be family-friendly.
  • Your submission needs at least 50 likes from other forum users.

Please be aware that even if you meet the above requirements, admins still have the final say in what will or won't be added to our community forums.

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